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Schitts Creek on Netflix

(9 Posts)
cushioncovers Fri 09-Dec-16 23:14:17

I'm really enjoying it. Anyone else watching?

Clayhead Fri 09-Dec-16 23:19:58

Ooooh, I was going to try this - thanks for the recommendation smile.

Ncbecauseitshard Mon 12-Dec-16 16:28:33

I watched the first few then stopped. Was funny will have to go back to it.

cushioncovers Mon 12-Dec-16 17:48:28

I really like it it's refreshingly different a bit quirky. And the lead men are actually father and son in real life I think.

DailyFail1 Thu 15-Dec-16 16:48:53

Love it. Hilarious

JustAnotherPoster00 Thu 15-Dec-16 16:54:37

The son and stevie's relationship is funny as hell, loving it so far but def dont want 1 of twyla's smoothies lol grin

Andylion Fri 16-Dec-16 19:17:00

I loved it. I can't wait for season 3 to start, likely sometime in the new year, (in Canada). The actress who plays Twyla is also Eugene Levy's daughter.

Andylion Fri 16-Dec-16 19:19:33

Dan and Eugene Levy are also co-creators of the show and I believe they also write episodes.

I've been a huge Eugene fan since my childhood. I don't suppose you know Second City or SCTV over in the UK?

cushioncovers Sat 17-Dec-16 11:43:28

I also love the music smile

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