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Graham Norton

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Fyoosha Fri 09-Dec-16 23:00:07

Sandi Toksvig is wearing more make up than usual and it just struck me she reminds me of Eddie Izzard grin
Also, is Carrie Fisher normally that nasal?

dotdash Fri 09-Dec-16 23:02:56

I kept thinking she reminds me of someone. You are right, Eddie Izzard!!!!!

BradleyPooper Sat 10-Dec-16 02:37:24

Haven't seen sandy toksvig on tv for years so not sure about the make up. Love Grayson perry though.

BradleyPooper Sat 10-Dec-16 02:43:02

Oh god, Nadia hussain, I'm cringing. And why is her voice so shrill? Don't remember that from bake off.

5foot5 Mon 12-Dec-16 13:34:34

I kept thinking she reminds me of someone

It's not me is it?
I have twice had people tell me I look like Sandi Toksvig but I think I must be 5 years younger and nearly 6 inches taller so I don't get it. DH reassures me I don't.

Could be worse - on a really bad day I think I look like Melvyn Bragg

NoTeaForMe Wed 14-Dec-16 13:39:39

This is so weird! Sandi Toksvig didn't look anything like Eddie Izzard and Nadiya was so lovely!

Fyoosha Wed 14-Dec-16 14:11:16

It's the hair and make up.

Bumbleclat Wed 14-Dec-16 21:02:48

It was the best Graham Norton ever! I thought everyone gelled well and it felt relaxed yet more cerebral than normal with actually interesting conversation and guests who were genuinely confident in themselves (apart from Carrie Fisher who seemed to have that fragile LA personality)

NoTeaForMe Thu 15-Dec-16 09:26:37

I agree BumbleClat I loved it!

Davros Thu 15-Dec-16 22:31:09

I thought it was one if the worst ever! No chemistry between the guests, who I like individually

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