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Theme tune from Lillies

(6 Posts)
eviletc Fri 16-Feb-07 21:07:19

isn't it lovely?

anyone know what it is?

and if i can get hold of sheet music for it?

Scootergirl Fri 16-Feb-07 21:24:48

Says on the website it was specially composed by someone called Kevin Sargent x

eviletc Fri 16-Feb-07 21:33:14

oh thanks scooter! i don't suppose you could do a link could you please?

Scootergirl Sat 17-Feb-07 12:51:42


hope it works... I'm a link virgin!

Scootergirl Sat 17-Feb-07 12:52:36

Why not? Why didn't you work you cheeky link you? Any tips evil?

PhileasMum Sat 22-Oct-16 15:27:33

eviletc, did you ever find the piano sheet music? I would love to find it as well. Please let me know.
Phileas Fogg

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