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A Place to Call Home is back!

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LarrytheCucumber Mon 05-Dec-16 17:46:56

They are repeating it from the beginning, so I hope that means Series 4 isn't too far away. Absolutely love this programme.

Molly333 Mon 05-Dec-16 18:04:02

What's it about ?

WetNovemberDay Mon 05-Dec-16 18:32:49

This sounds familiar but can't think for the life of me what it's about. Please do tell.

morningtoncrescent62 Mon 05-Dec-16 19:20:37

Oh, is this the one set in postwar Australia? I caught a couple of episodes quite by accident last time it was on, and I was hooked. A really good series, I thought. The matriarch (can't remember her name) reminds me so much of the actress who played Gina Gold in The Bill that I thought it must have been her, but apparently not.

I might have to watch them all now if there's going to be another series. So little time, so much telly.

LarrytheCucumber Tue 06-Dec-16 07:12:51

Yes, set in post war Australia. It is the story of the Bligh family and is set in rural New South Wales. The Blighs are the equivalent to the lords of the manor, and Elizabeth Bligh, the matriarch, expects her word to be law. Over the series Elizabeth gradually sees the old order change, power taken from her hands and she has to adjust to this.
There are lots of sub plots. In Australia it is on prime time TV, so why it is relegated to afternoons on BBC2 here I am not sure.

AppleYumYum Fri 16-Dec-16 16:22:07

I'm so glad I saw this thread, I got into this last time it was on but only discovered it half way through and missed a lot! So now I can watch from the start!

I'm still devo after Love Child finishing!

AppleYumYum Fri 16-Dec-16 16:24:09

Anyone into this and has Netflix, must watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

morningtoncrescent62 Fri 16-Dec-16 16:28:54

Yes, I've been watching too, and would have missed it without this thread. It's a repeat so far of the first season which I've already seen (and the second and the third!), but there's a new series coming up, and I need/want to refresh who's who and what's happened so that I'm ready and prepped for the new one when we eventually get there fsmile

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