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I'm about to start watching the new Gilmore Girls - tell me I won't be disappointed!

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Titsywoo Tue 29-Nov-16 18:16:58

No spoilers please! I finished season 7 last night and the ending was so blah. Is the new stuff good? Will there be a bit more passion between lorelai and luke? Will Emily finally be a better mother? I almost don't want to watch in case it gets worse!

YorkiesGlasses Tue 29-Nov-16 18:33:30

See I'm more of a 'will Lorelei be a better daughter' type person... But having binge watched it I can say you shouldn't be disappointed. It definitely has that Gilmore Girls feel!

CorporalNobbyNobbs Tue 29-Nov-16 18:52:33

It's hit and miss. Some great scenes/acting and some where you are thinking 'wtf?' But overall worth watching!

DoYouRememberJustinBobby Tue 29-Nov-16 18:55:18

I'm an OG GG fan and have finished my second viewing. I got the feel of the old seasons from it but a lot of it left me with a WTF feeling. That said the original series often left me feeling very WTF too. Lorelai, Rory and Emily have always been pretty questionable "people".

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Tue 29-Nov-16 18:59:35

It's enjoyable for any GG fan. I've watched it three times already.

But they made a lot of fuck ups. Threw away a lot of what the original series stood for and promoted especially for women. It felt a bit bloated at times and was a wee bit lazy.

That said, Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop are outstanding in it. I don't think you'll be disappointed in Emily smile.

CookieLady Tue 29-Nov-16 19:04:28

Loved, loved Kirk, Michel, Paris and Emily in it. A shame they didn't have more of Jess. Lorelai and Luke were great together. Rory was such a disappointment. It felt as though the writers tried to ignore the previous season of the show and wrote how they intended to end it.

Titsywoo Tue 29-Nov-16 19:17:28

Well I'm 30 mins in and quite like it so far. Got misty eyed at the funeral bit sad

I'm not a fan of jess so not bothered about him being in it really. I was team logan but not really bothered if rory doesn't end up with him. Curious about these final 4 words. Keep trying to guess what they will be grin

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