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Netflix - designated survivor

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GettingScaredNow Thu 24-Nov-16 18:23:49

Is it just me being thick or are they skipping this weeks episode?

Does anyone know what is going on?
Waited all week for this and it says available 1st December sad

DoYouRememberJustinBobby Thu 24-Nov-16 18:27:02

They seem to have random chunks of time between episodes but are billing it as weekly. It's very frustrating and hard to feel dedicated to keeping up with it.
It's a total rip off of The West Wing but I am enjoying it.

Namechanger2015 Thu 24-Nov-16 18:27:10

Oh no, I was looking forward to watching this weeks episode tonight as well.

Could it be because it's thanksgiving in the US? Perhaps they have tv specials on instead in place of this?

Namechanger2015 Thu 24-Nov-16 18:27:57

I thought they did the same things a few weeks back and had two weeks between episodes instead of just one.

Namechanger2015 Thu 24-Nov-16 18:29:00

Do you watch anything similar instead? I tried to watch House of Cards but didn't really enjoy it.

Designated Survivor is nice and light and easy to follow. I am going to look for similar..

GettingScaredNow Thu 24-Nov-16 19:05:55

TBH, I only started it a few weeks back.
Binge watched the first 5 eps and then last week.

How annoying!!

KondosSecretJunkRoom Thu 24-Nov-16 19:11:19

They seem to have two episodes that are one week apart and then leave you hanging for a fortnight.

I wish it were just weekly. I can't be arsed with these big droughts.

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