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Big Cook Little Cook on channel five now...

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DeputyMacDawg Wed 14-Feb-07 23:17:27

Presenting Celebrities Uncensored

DeputyMacDawg Wed 14-Feb-07 23:33:45


They're in bed together !!!!!!

funkimummy Thu 15-Feb-07 00:27:09

There was another thread on this a while ago. They were on a programme about how men feel about their willy's and were saying c*£k and allsorts!! Can't look at them in the same light now!

Nip Thu 15-Feb-07 08:33:43

i saw this last night and found it quite bizarre!

sockmonkey Thu 22-Feb-07 08:38:42

BCLC have been given a show on Sky1 Crash test Dummies. I think it's a poor man's Brainiac. It's very strange to see little cook at his normal size. I have only seen a trailer for it, has anyone seen it?

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