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Indiaplain Tue 22-Nov-16 20:01:56

Has anyone watched Rectify? I'm struggling through S1 as it's sooo slow but apparently it gets really good so wondering whether to stick with it...

CiaoVerona Wed 23-Nov-16 11:17:53

Yes, am watching the final season( 4 ) I agree it can be hard going, that said the performances are sublime.
I think, in time it may well get the respect it deserved from viewers, critics love the show same cant be said for viewers.

Indiaplain Wed 23-Nov-16 19:46:20

Thanks for answering! Haven't met anyone whose seen it in rl. I'm finding it intriguing in a way but also nothing seems to happen! But I'm only on S1, so will persevere til the end and then decide if I should watch S2..

CiaoVerona Wed 23-Nov-16 20:05:31

Ya, its no doubt a major slow burner I have to admit there are times I fast forward through scenes, considering it has no normal plot lines i tend to focus on how hes brought to life such a damaged individual.
Id note, as its in the final season-3 & in particular four, have really started to pay off in terms of how the final story plays out.

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