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The Grand Tour

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Davros Mon 21-Nov-16 19:49:29

Surely someone else watched or is there a thread I've missed? We LOVED it. Anyone else?

Cocolepew Mon 21-Nov-16 19:53:58

I watched it on Friday and loved it too. Can't wait for the rest of them.

BerylMeeps Mon 21-Nov-16 19:54:51

I loved it, super funny 😁

Heratnumber7 Mon 21-Nov-16 19:55:12

Do you think it was worth £4,000,000? Because that's what it cost.

Davros Mon 21-Nov-16 19:57:20

Yes grin

MissSynful Tue 22-Nov-16 10:49:08

yes loved it, and since it didnt come out of the bbc budget, i dont care how much amazon wants to spend on it. im not being forced to contribute to it.

Sparklingbrook Tue 22-Nov-16 10:50:56

I loved it too. Especially the opening scenes. smile

oldmum22 Tue 22-Nov-16 14:27:39

Absolutely loved it . Nothing has been lost , the same chemistry is still there and I love that they will be getting different audiences from different countries in the tent ,every week. Brilliant !

Hellmouth Tue 22-Nov-16 14:30:29

I haven't watched it yet, just came on for the reviews :D I think DP and I are going to watch it tonight. We were big Top Gear fans.

RepentAtLeisure Fri 25-Nov-16 16:51:51

Second episode slumped a bit for me. I loved the chat, loved the cars, love the format, but that very obviously scripted skit dragged. And dragged... And dragged... I know that their shows are at least partly scripted, but I like to at least pretend it's all off the cuff!

Cocolepew Fri 25-Nov-16 19:35:48

I liked the second one better than the first.
I know it's scripted but it made me laugh .

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