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Please recommend me your favourite TV series.

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Clankboing Wed 16-Nov-16 19:00:58

DH and I have just finished watching The Crown on netflix and loved it. It was good distraction from a family member's serious illness. Otherwise we are miserable. What are your most favourite TV series ever? Or what are you enjoying at the moment? And if you have time a quick explanation of why its good would be appreciated. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime, Virgin media. But am equally happy to buy DVD box sets if its something worthwhile. I do hope you can help. Xx Thanks in anticipation ...

TheSecondOfHerName Wed 16-Nov-16 19:42:47

The Good Wife (S1-6 on Netflix)

TheSecondOfHerName Wed 16-Nov-16 19:43:42

Forgot to add why. Well-written, strong acting.

Littleelffriend Wed 16-Nov-16 19:46:28

Trapped on amazon prime

Twolittlejobbys Wed 16-Nov-16 19:48:15

Stranger things on Netflix, only one season but it's really good! Set in the 80s, Winona Ryder is one of the main characters.

reallyanotherone Wed 16-Nov-16 19:49:47

Lucifer on amazon prime.

Just brilliant. Light, funny, and dark and thought provoking. Oh and Tom Ellis smile.

MouseLove Wed 16-Nov-16 20:10:42

Another vote for stranger things. Best thing on Netflix by a mile!!

The walking dead. Best thing on tv by a mile. Lol.

Also, making a murderer if you haven't seen it. On Netflix. Documentary. No googling. Absolutely brilliant.

228agreenend Wed 16-Nov-16 20:14:21

The Good Wife was popular with dh and DS.


True memoirs of assassin (film) - quite enjoyed this


All Netflix.

IEatCannibals Wed 16-Nov-16 20:14:39

Stranger things
West wing
Sex in the city
Walking dead
Designated survivor
Breaking bad
Orange is the new black

ThursdayLastWeek Wed 16-Nov-16 20:16:37

Peaky Blinders

The Mentalist (but have had to buy DVDs)

There's two comedies on AP I'm enjoying currently, Red Oaks and Life in Pieces.

oldlaundbooth Wed 16-Nov-16 20:24:48

Making a Murderer. True story, legal series.
Dexter. Kind hearted mass murderer.
The Sopranos. Mafia.
Breaking bad. Chem teacher turned drug baron.
Oz. Prison drama.
House of cards. Legal drama.
Good Wife. Legal drama.
Six feet under. About a funeral director.
Boardwalk Empire. Mafia.
True Blood, cheesey but watchable.

oldlaundbooth Wed 16-Nov-16 20:25:30

Sorry, House of Cards is American Politics, not legal.

Tomselleckhaskindeyes Wed 16-Nov-16 20:25:46

Crazy ex girlfriend is good if you like kitch.

Clankboing Wed 16-Nov-16 21:46:31

Thank you all. Trying to decide which to go for.

youngestisapsycho Wed 16-Nov-16 22:13:12

Desperate Housewives... I'm tempted to watch them all again.

RusholmeRuffian Wed 16-Nov-16 22:24:41

The Sopranos
The Wire
Six Feet Under
Band of Brothers

ispentitwithyou1 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:39:16

Lost,stranger things,the leftovers, walking dead,the night of.

ispentitwithyou1 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:40:09

All very gripping

Clankboing Thu 17-Nov-16 09:32:02

I loved the Band of Brothers too! I think that historic dramas are good - are any of the above historic? X

albertcampionscat Thu 17-Nov-16 09:33:52

Most underrated is the battlestar galactica reboot. Yes it has robots and spaceships. It's also clever, complex and surprising.

LadyPeterWimsey Thu 17-Nov-16 09:52:06

Friday Night Lights - never got the viewing figures to match the very positive reviews.

Set in a small town in Texas, story centres around a high school football team, with the central figures being the coach and his wife. You don't need to know anything about American football, or even enjoy sport to watch it (I don't). It has a contemporary setting but because of the culture gap, I found it as fascinating to watch as an historical series.

I think it didn't do very well because people wrote it off as a high school teen series, whereas it is really about all kinds of relationships, in particular parent/child. The coach and his wife are substitute parents to many of the kids; incidentally their relationship is the most real marriage I have ever seen on TV.

Apart from a bit of a misstep at the beginning of season 2 (quickly remedied), DH and I both loved it.

Clankboing Thu 17-Nov-16 11:13:22

Ladypeterwimsey that sounds good. I like the idea of watching that. Relationships are fascinating! Never heard of it at all!

LadyPeterWimsey Thu 17-Nov-16 15:01:48

It really was not a big hit - but it should have been! I got the first series on DVD for a couple of pounds on eBay, and then we bought all five series once we got into it - again on eBay very cheaply. Unfortunately it's not available on Netflix or Prime.

ZackyVengeance Thu 17-Nov-16 15:20:55

Suits and Luke Cage both on Netflix
and I love Person of Interest

MrsJayy Thu 17-Nov-16 15:24:07

The tudors im sure its on netflix its historical bit silly bit soapy but its brilliant

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