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Young POsh Woman to Win Masterchef

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pointydog Tue 13-Feb-07 20:51:39

So I've started watching Masterchef LArging It with the kids.

And John Torode is really starting to get on my wick. First off, he put through plummy pretty pert Harriet even though he admitted that someone else had made the best plate of food ever.

I'm thinking, is he a sexist lizard-eyed blurke?

Then today, he puts through semi-plummy pretty pert Natasha even though Greg disagreed once more, her goat's cheese tart had nothing to it, she mixed rice with grapefruit and neither of them liked her pudding.

So. I can now predict that Harriet will win Masterchef.

pointydog Tue 13-Feb-07 20:52:24

And John Torode is a sexist, lizard-eyed blurke.

foxinsocks Tue 13-Feb-07 20:55:48

It will be Harriet

HOW predictable was her heat???!!

also, does it matter how crap they are in the kitchen unless they are really ugly in which case, it's really important

HOW that woman won today - thought the rock bloke should have got it (though it was a v weak heat compared to yesterday)

P.S. my dd loves this programme and sits rapt throughout the whole thing with me!

foxinsocks Tue 13-Feb-07 20:56:15

I meant the pro kitchen iyswim

pointydog Tue 13-Feb-07 20:58:57

Oh good. Glad it was also glaringly obvious to others.

And yes, that musician should have won. However, he was a bit taciturn, puffy and ugly. So he was swept under the carpet.

pointydog Wed 14-Feb-07 20:37:34

I was surprised Torode didn't let the pretty brunette through today.

Hmm, monsieur, with your strange voting techniques you are really confusing us.

However, they got rid of Gillian pronto because she was over-emotional, lacking in confidence and hefty. That was unfair. Not putting her pudding in a bowl hardly merits being first to go.

Her meal was so much better than the bloke's.

pointydog Wed 14-Feb-07 20:38:03

I think Torode's listening to me.

LIZS Wed 14-Feb-07 21:07:15

Good field tonight , much better than yesterday's. They presumably have to qualify for these heats so you 'd think the researchers would balance each group up better.

pointydog Wed 14-Feb-07 21:08:17

yes, very good field. You're right, liz. Sometimes they all make a real dog's dinner

LIZS Fri 16-Feb-07 19:23:52

no favourites today then ?!

foxinsocks Fri 16-Feb-07 19:25:41

I liked William. I was hoping he'd go through. It wasn't nearly as biased as Harriet's quarterfinal!

In fact, thought the field was much weaker than last week's field.

foxinsocks Fri 16-Feb-07 19:26:57

btw, how foul was the banana sick earlier in the week?

pointydog Fri 16-Feb-07 19:45:54

I realise I am not with the Masterchef beat.

You know how it was on BBC2 this evening? Is that a repeat? And they keep talking about Friday's quarter final but I never see friday's quarter final. Is it all a big repeat? What am I doing wrong?

Fox, I loved Greg's comment that you should always do your best not to make your meal look like a plate of sick! har

And I was shocked, absolutely shocked, that John was not allowed to put Rhona through. She batted her eyelids like nobody's business - Torode so wanted to give her a piece of pork.

I think John is tuning in here.

foxinsocks Fri 16-Feb-07 19:48:34

what you saw tonight was a quarter final (though I'm sure there have been more than 4, or maybe there haven't )

so whoever wins from Mon to Thurs then reappears on Friday (so 4 of them) and they pick one, who then goes through to the semi final.

NadineBaggott Fri 16-Feb-07 19:49:08

William will win

Molesworth Fri 16-Feb-07 19:49:45

Must admit I was having similar suspicions about Torode

He always seems to pick the most aesthetically pleasing candidates (unless they're really rubbish at cooking)

Tonight it was ridiculous to put Natasha through instead of Gerry

Torode - get a grip!

Molesworth Fri 16-Feb-07 19:50:37

PS the banana thing looked more like shit than sick. Ridiculous woman, trying to make out food's appearance doesn't matter!

foxinsocks Fri 16-Feb-07 19:50:59

ok have looked it up

week 1 to 5 - will be in the format that we've been watching. So at the end, there will be 5 people who have got through their quarter finals on a Friday

week 6 they bring back 12 people in comeback week (I think from last year) and at the end of that week, they whittle it down to one (in a quarter final thing)

So that leaves 6 people

Week 7 they get rid of 3
Week 8, the final 3 battle for the title of masterchef

Molesworth Fri 16-Feb-07 19:51:53

Agree that William looks like a winner

foxinsocks Fri 16-Feb-07 19:53:28

I can't wait for Harriet to come back. You can almost see Torode licking his lips whenever she's about.

That banana thing looked like it had some green bits in it (spew). I'm amazed they actually ate it.

Molesworth Fri 16-Feb-07 19:54:54

<gagging at memory>

The thing is, Harriet isn't all that is she? She looks all horsey and hearty to me. Camilla-ish. Maybe Torode has a secret "Lady Di" fetish?

foxinsocks Fri 16-Feb-07 19:55:50

snort - she's very like that

I think he fancies a bit of posh

did you hear the end bit with her speaking to Mummy?

SNOWBall4girlz Fri 16-Feb-07 19:56:10

agree just watched william win his quarter final could have eaten that choc pud yum

foxinsocks Fri 16-Feb-07 19:56:42

actually, I'll revise that and say he likes a young bit of posh because I lost count of the times he had to mention that she was only 22 (or however old she was!)

pointydog Fri 16-Feb-07 20:03:01

oh yeah - he likes pretty & posh.

fox - I'm really having problems understanding even your good explanatiuon. You see, when I watch it on Friday, I do not recognise any of the people.

no way is a bloke going to win

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