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Funny tv shows

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Unicorn1981 Sun 13-Nov-16 00:15:17

Hi please can anyone recommend something funny to watch on Netflix that doesn't involve Mitchell and Webb! I like peep show but not the other stuff. Currently loving the killing but I need something humorous in my life!

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Sun 13-Nov-16 00:16:47

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Rick and Morty.


Unicorn1981 Sun 13-Nov-16 01:15:59

Thanks. That's a couple of times I heard about Philadelphia now so in going to give that a watch. Someone mentioned on another thread parks and recreation but I can't find that anywhere.

OutComeTheWolves Fri 18-Nov-16 07:39:06

Catastrophe- I think it's hilarious but dh disagrees

Unicorn1981 Fri 18-Nov-16 17:06:01

I loved Catastrophe! Thanks for the recommendation because if I hadn't watched it I would've now and loved it!

LouisvilleLlama Fri 18-Nov-16 17:44:03

Parks and rec should be on Netflix or Amazon, the thing with Its always sunny is that I think it gets better the more you watch the first couple episodes are meh and I didn't really enjoy. Seasons 4, 8/9 are my favourites

bertdynamite Fri 18-Nov-16 17:50:49

Arrested development is really funny-it's on Netflix.

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