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Willow2016 Fri 11-Nov-16 15:46:21

Anyone else watching this? Just discovered it in the past week and furiously watching every episode so far.

Is this the most fucked up town ever? Is there ONE person in the whole town who doesnt need therapy/locking up for being vile human beings?

I am constantly swinging between "OMG How can you do that and get away with it"? /"You are one sick puppy" to laughing hystericaly.

AIBU to really love Cassidy? What a great character. (and fancy the pants off Joe Gilgun?) Yes I know Dom Cooper has all that dark brooding menace and lovely glint in his eyes thing going on, and I would smile but am just loving the mad irish vampire and his view on life.

Anyone else loving the weirdness of this show?

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