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Sex Inspectors

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nikkie Mon 12-Feb-07 23:14:17

Eh???????? Why????????

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:14:53

yup. and yuk.

havingatoughtime Mon 12-Feb-07 23:16:03


controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:16:18

how is showing back view of them having sex (with noisy soundtrack) any different from reader's wives / amateur porn?? why would you ever ever be on this programme???

nikkie Mon 12-Feb-07 23:18:05

I just didn't turn over after e.r and looked up to see the sex

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:20:28


losty Mon 12-Feb-07 23:27:37

what is this all about? A rpogramme where couple are filmed having sex and get advice? wtf??

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:29:34

oooh but under the (thin) guise of being eduuuuucashional...... so that's ok then....

losty Mon 12-Feb-07 23:30:58

but what on earth can you learn from watching other couples having sex fgs?? dear dear me

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:33:13

lol at her crap diagrams.... did she make them herself do you think??

losty Mon 12-Feb-07 23:34:17

diagrams???? Oh I wish I;d seen it now!! I could do with a good laugh atm!

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:36:53

its getting funnier (and less truly YUK) by the minute.... hilarious tips on how to flirt with dh of 10 years
"i bet you'd look fantastic behind the wheel of a ferrari" was suggestion to dh of how to make sexy conversation with his dw????? wtf!!

losty Mon 12-Feb-07 23:41:43

what side is it on?? atho I am in bed and that would mean getting up and going downstairs...

DH i snoring beside me. V fitting dont you trhink??

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:44:25

channel 4 (4filth) of course

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:48:18

eeeeewwwww. now they're having a "blind date" in their own front room..... toe curling but riveting.... am i the only one watching????

losty Mon 12-Feb-07 23:54:05

I am not wathcing!!!!

in fact I am going to sleep now.

DH is noring for England next to me. So romantic lol

controlfreakyandroses Mon 12-Feb-07 23:56:26

nighty night losty.... lol at thought of you mning away in dark while dh snores beside you!

losty Mon 12-Feb-07 23:59:00

yes imagine someone filming us like this lol

old marrieds or what?? !!

<<ponders, when did we last have sex??? >>

nikkie Tue 13-Feb-07 12:48:54

Its on tonight as well

controlfreakyandroses Tue 13-Feb-07 23:11:17

it's on now! gruesome... but still riveting.....

nikkie Mon 19-Feb-07 23:25:00

shit forgot to turn over again , this programme is creepy!

controlfreakyandroses Mon 19-Feb-07 23:28:02

isnt it just! the woman tonight is beyond belief!
at anyone agreeing to be on this. exhibitionist or what!

FluffyMummy123 Wed 21-Feb-07 09:11:55

Message withdrawn

controlfreakyandroses Wed 21-Feb-07 19:51:32

"worse" or "sauce"? both applicable imo

nikkie Wed 21-Feb-07 20:09:42

I only watched it til the 'he could give a few thrusts in the kitchen then go to work' bit.

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