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Help identify children's TV drama

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JAPAB Thu 10-Nov-16 14:52:37

I wonder if anyone could help me ID a ghost drama shown on on Children's TV in the 80's. Vaguely remember the following.

Wasn't a series but was a drama revolving around a haunted mine.

There is a scene where a child is dropping something down a drain when he or she starts hearing ghostly whispers coming from it.

Another scene set on a foggy hill where a character sees a figure, then the figure become obscured by the fog and disappears.

An adult says to another something along the lines of 'the Devil runs that mine, not you'.

There is some sort of cave collapse which traps some miners underground. Think one of them might have had broken ribs.

Does this ring any bells? Thanks.

NickAngel Thu 10-Nov-16 20:15:04

Was it a 'one off'? Dramarama??

theluckiest Thu 10-Nov-16 23:14:50

YES!! I think you mean 'Haunters of the Deep' which was a Children's Film Foundation film on BBC. I remember watching it as a special treat cos it snowed and only 5 kids got into school that day...the telly was wheeled in and someone had taped it off the telly. Shit your pants scary!!

Here's the blurb from the BFI (you can get it on DVD!! Tempted..,)
'The events in Haunters of the Deep take place along the dramatic Cornish coastline. Intent on re-opening a disused tin mine, an American businessman ignores warnings about the site’s grisly past. It’s left to his bored daughter and local lad, Josh, to attempt a daring rescue when history threatens to repeat itself'

JAPAB Sun 13-Nov-16 23:51:07

theluckiest thanks, that looks promising smile

Might be tempted by the DVD as well if not too expensive. Already bought Mysterious Cities of Gold hoping that it will be like watching a Studio Ghibli animation rather than "childrten's" fare, but not got round to watching it yet. So may as well add one more to the nostalgia watch pile smile

Thanks, again.

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