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Teen Mom UK

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DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:01:59

Anyone else watching? I'm excitedgrin

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:07:19

I'm laughing at Mia's expectations for giving birthgrin I think she'll be in for a shock.

SydneyCarton Wed 02-Nov-16 20:13:54

Arf at the 1980s as the golden age of chivalry grin

LittleMoomins Wed 02-Nov-16 20:14:42

Yeah and I think Megan is in need of a reality check or ten!

Legogo Wed 02-Nov-16 20:14:49

I'm watching. shameless

PatrolPaw Wed 02-Nov-16 20:17:32

What channel?

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:18:41

MTV Patrol

Legogo Wed 02-Nov-16 20:22:07

God. They're so young.

PatrolPaw Wed 02-Nov-16 20:22:31

Thank you grin

Asking for a friend obvs wink

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:30:16


They are young aren't they? I think because the US Teen Moms are in their 20's now and (mostly) have their lives together it magnifies it.

I'm interested to see how this lot grow and develop over the years if the show gets more than one series.

OhFuds Wed 02-Nov-16 20:40:36

<place marking as I'll watch it tomorrow>

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:40:36

Omg Naomi and Raphael. He seems like a bit of a player.

Bellatrixandstrange Wed 02-Nov-16 20:47:23

Is anyone else feeling guilty for loving this. It's such car crash TV. My new guilty pleasure!

Legogo Wed 02-Nov-16 20:49:14

I actually feel sorry for them all.

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:49:38

Yes, Teen Mom is my one guilty pleasure. I don't watch many other car crash tv shows so I feel I'm allowed this onewink

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:50:04

Poor Megan, what a cunt Dillon is.

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 20:51:24

(Hoping I've got all the names right so farblush)

Bellatrixandstrange Wed 02-Nov-16 20:51:49

The chaps are really not coming across very well at all.

Xmasfairy86 Wed 02-Nov-16 20:55:47

Oh Naomi. She got it bad for baby daddy

Dulcibella Wed 02-Nov-16 20:55:54

I'm watching too

Bellatrixandstrange Wed 02-Nov-16 20:57:28

Did he really just say Dillon was "falling in to people"!

DigestiveMuncher Wed 02-Nov-16 22:03:26

I'm watching now!! Don't really know what to make of it tbh, can it really live up to teen mom (I don't think so) but will continue to watch it anyway grin

They all seem quite immature tbh, I mean my first priority would not be getting engaged or planning a wedding but finding a house? confused surely if her mums willing to pay for the wedding dress &I her dad will pay for the rest they could pay for a deposit?? (Is it just me that's thinking this?

honkawonka Wed 02-Nov-16 22:06:22

I went to the launch of this last week- they were all really pleasant girls, well mannered , and seemed to be hardworking too , determined to make something of their life.
Haven't watched tonight's episode yet though , only saw them
In their current states! (They were super glam, unlike myself blush)

DeleteOrDecay Wed 02-Nov-16 22:13:01

I was thinking the same thing Digestive. They can't raise a child in that tiny caravan surely?

I know if they were my kids my first priority wouldn't be paying for wedding dresses, but helping them find and fund a place of their own instead. It's a bit mad that his mum was willing to pay for her dress but not help them find a house or a flat or something as a priority.

Maybe Megan and/or Dillon are hoping to get their own place with the money they get from doing the show?

DigestiveMuncher Wed 02-Nov-16 22:19:58

It would be horrible!! I struggled when I had a 2 bedroom flat because it was always cluttered.
I just can't imagine it at all!!

And maybe, but again I would of been asking my parents to loan me the money and just pay them back? hmm it would drive me insane living in that caravan I wouldn't be able to breathe let alone move around!!!

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