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The Man In The High Castle

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ClaudiaApfelstrudel Sat 29-Oct-16 10:00:20

Has anyone watched season one? I found it really gripping and one of the best series I've seen this year so far. Season two starts in December.

Based on the premise that the Axis nations won WW2 and based in post-war USA where the country is partitioned in two different states, one run by the Nazis and the other by the Japanese, some really tense moments and well thought through scenarios about how different and yet how similar life would have been

TheDrsDocMartens Sat 29-Oct-16 21:43:38

Yes. Some horrifying bits though.

Manumission Sat 29-Oct-16 21:44:48

I thought it was fabulous.

Thanks for the heads up about season 2.

llangennith Sat 29-Oct-16 21:44:53

Yes and I was hooked! Great cliffhanger end of first series. Series 2 starts on 16 December.

ClaudiaApfelstrudel Sun 30-Oct-16 07:39:03

yes some truly horrifying bits heDrsDocMartens not least the scene in the doctors surgery with Smith's son, the routine-ness of it all I found chilling.

BeyondReasonablyDoubts Sun 30-Oct-16 12:17:15

Fab series, very much looking forward to S2 smile

TheDrsDocMartens Sun 30-Oct-16 13:41:40

Dh didn't get past the gassing scene.

sepsisandAKI Sun 30-Oct-16 13:46:10

I found it addictive. Couldn't stop watching it. Such an amazing but terrifying plot. I was wondering when the next season would start. I loved the Japanese guy that she worked for.

WetsTheFinger Sun 30-Oct-16 13:46:13

Yes I loved it. And loved Rufus Sewell even as a nazi blushgrin

JustDanceAddict Sun 30-Oct-16 16:52:33

Watched it last Xmas on Prime. Loved it, and the ending was so wtf!!

ClaudiaApfelstrudel Sun 30-Oct-16 17:38:57

yes the ending was strange I agree! And also what was viewed on the film seemed a bit supernatural. I'm not sure whether I liked that or not but I guess we'll have to wait and see how it develops, something clearly isn't what it seems.

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