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Divorce - Comedy on Sky?

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reup Wed 26-Oct-16 06:35:20

Anyone watching? I've seen two episodes and am quite enjoying it, though Jermaine from FOTC as the bit on the side is a shock. Also I love Sarah Jessica Parker's pale blue coat.

nousernames Wed 26-Oct-16 10:57:09

Yeah I'm enjoying that too. I initially found the husband quite irritating but I'm starting to sympathise more as it's becoming more apparent that he doesn't really have anyone for support or to talk to.

reup Wed 26-Oct-16 11:03:23

Foolishly Iv e given up sky so won't be able to see the end. I liked the thing about the dull conversation about house stuff - glad I wasn't watching it with my husband!

Middleoftheroad Thu 27-Oct-16 04:25:55

I'm really enjoying this. It's written by Sharon Horgan, which means it is actually funny. The casting is great and SJP carries this well.

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