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Too much TV choice

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GameofPhones Fri 21-Oct-16 22:35:51

I've only recently got a TV licence after years without. The choice of programmes seems overwhelming, but I liked Happy Valley and Beck. What else will I like?

Summerisdone Fri 21-Oct-16 22:54:16

I've never watched either of those programmes so not sure what to suggest based on them, however I can suggest some very good shows (IMO) that cover a range of genres:
Game Of Thrones (I'm guessing you've seen based on your name)
The Walking Dead
Grey's Anatomy
Modern Family
American Horror Story
The Fall
The Man in the High Castle
Stranger Things
The Blacklist
And of course the new episodes of Gilmore Girls are due very soon smile

Hope some of these are of interest to you

GameofPhones Tue 25-Oct-16 23:41:35

Thanks, I will try these smile

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