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Child Genius

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Whizzz Thu 08-Feb-07 21:12:26

on now.......this merits a MN thread !

brandy7 Thu 08-Feb-07 21:14:14

im watching!4 geniuses in one family and the 6year old who can sit a maths gsce

Whizzz Thu 08-Feb-07 21:14:57

but that family seems odd - obessive map drawing - not normal

brandy7 Thu 08-Feb-07 21:15:35

pushy parents

GhostOfMumsnet Thu 08-Feb-07 21:15:35

very, very odd mum and dad. do you think the dad actually gets a chance to speak?

wheresthehamster Thu 08-Feb-07 21:15:48

The dad just sat and nodded.

frogs Thu 08-Feb-07 21:17:04

Adam is cute. Seems very natural.

The others are a bit freaky.

brandy7 Thu 08-Feb-07 21:17:45

shes a nice mummy, whats an average iq then

wheresthehamster Thu 08-Feb-07 21:18:29

I like the little maths genius.

GhostOfMumsnet Thu 08-Feb-07 21:18:43

i think about 115? but i'm probably wrong

wheresthehamster Thu 08-Feb-07 21:19:08

Isn't 150 supposed to represent genius level?

southeastastra Thu 08-Feb-07 21:19:22

they remind me of the families on 'ask the family'

brandy7 Thu 08-Feb-07 21:19:38

his answer about the straw, i was gobsmacked

GhostOfMumsnet Thu 08-Feb-07 21:19:42

i agree that the wee maths boy is great

frogs Thu 08-Feb-07 21:19:57

Average IQ (50th centile) is 100.

totallyfloaty35 Thu 08-Feb-07 21:21:00

very odd family,mum sounded like she was reading her words off a board,dad doesnt speak at all,where are the social skills.
My baby is a genius,she knows when im trying to watch something and squeals loudly all the way through.......amazing

GhostOfMumsnet Thu 08-Feb-07 21:21:51

how cute is mikhail?

Whizzz Thu 08-Feb-07 21:23:41

he's cute - they seem normal

wheresthehamster Thu 08-Feb-07 21:25:09

Dante's worn me out already.

GhostOfMumsnet Thu 08-Feb-07 21:25:49

i could not cope with dante!!!!!!!

Whizzz Thu 08-Feb-07 21:25:56

frogs Thu 08-Feb-07 21:26:29

Dante is an overindulged brat, genius or not.

10weeksandcounting Thu 08-Feb-07 21:26:34

I must read with my kids more

Those kids are truly amazing.

Whizzz Thu 08-Feb-07 21:27:18

would you let your child walk around the playpen ??

GhostOfMumsnet Thu 08-Feb-07 21:27:47

I must tell myself that he's just a child but I'm thinking some very bad words about that boy!!!1

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