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The boy born without a brain - TV last night

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AndieNZ Wed 12-Oct-16 12:03:12

Did anyone else watch this programme last night and fall in love with Noah?

He is such an adorable little boy. What a credit he is to his parents and big sister for their sheer dedication and patience to their "brain training". Not to mention the getting up several times in the night every night to turn him so he doesn't get bed sores.

There was a moment when the mum, Sue broke down and had a little weep when she was dressing him and he gave her such a gorgeous smile and chuckle. My god talk about tissues at the ready.

Roomba Wed 12-Oct-16 12:52:48

I watched this too - Noah is such an incredible little boy and I was so impressed with his parents. They are so dedicated to helping him make the absolute most of life and what an effect their hard work has had!

It was fascinating from a medical point of view too as Noah's development shows just how little we know about how the brain can recover after injury/illness. The difference between the two scans was astounding.

It made me feel really emotional too, as Noah is the same age as my son. He was such a gorgeous, happy little boy, it brought a tear to my eye.

MacNcheese87 Wed 12-Oct-16 13:13:02

I saw bits of this last night. Noah has the same brain condition as my son, and they even share the same neurosurgeon. It's amazing what the brain of a child can achieve!

Hats off to Noah's parents, it must have been devastating to be told your child only has 2% of their brain functioning. What a come back he has made. I bet they're bursting with pride for him.

CoolCarrie Thu 13-Oct-16 20:01:07

It was so emotional, my dh was in tears so was I. His parents and big sister are brilliant and what a wee character Noah is.
MacNcheese87 🌻& xxx to you and your son. X

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