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Anyone else Still Game daft?

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BreconBeBuggered Fri 07-Oct-16 00:06:13

Can't wait for the new series tomorrow night. DS2 is obsessed with the show and we've been watching series 1-6 all summer. And the live show, and the Christmas/Hogmanay one. It'll be lovely to see new material.

Giratina Fri 07-Oct-16 00:18:32

grin. Looking forward to it too.

AmIthatbloodycold Fri 07-Oct-16 01:18:28

Me too. Got tickets for the live show as well

ToastedOrFresh Fri 07-Oct-16 01:35:13

Live show ?

How excellent !

My husband is of Scottish descent, the humour suits him down to the ground.

The scene where a young mum is in Naveed's complaining that a bar of chocolate was off because it made her kid sick. No, the fact that the child had eaten the lot in one go was the problem. To which Naveed says, 'bugger arf and take shitey arse with you !'

Also the sub plot of Naveed and his wife. Where she's just torn him off a strip for forgetting her birthday. To which he replies, 'so, you won't want those flowers or these chocolates ?' Oh it's just to brilliant !

'Your brother's dead.' Remarks Naveed's wife. 'That was a rubbish come back says Naveed.' To which Naveed's wife says, 'no, your sister has been on the phone, your brother is dead.'

All of it is just to funny !

fanniboz Fri 07-Oct-16 01:54:11

Can't wait grin

Meeep Fri 07-Oct-16 10:14:34

Wtf how did I miss this?

Willow2016 Fri 07-Oct-16 11:07:53

Cant wait, love it.
Very clever observations on the highs and lows of being a pensioner living on your own (as well as being hystericaly funny)

BreconBeBuggered Fri 07-Oct-16 11:51:42

It's today now, Meeep. 9:30, BBC1.

Spookybitch Fri 07-Oct-16 11:59:58

Well, I was due for a namechange anyway wink

BreconBeBuggered Fri 07-Oct-16 12:47:48

You're weclome.

RawPrawn Fri 07-Oct-16 13:00:57

Man I love that show SO much.

Can't wait for the new episodes tonight. Am getting in a bottle of Midori specially.

OhFuds Fri 07-Oct-16 13:03:25

I'm looking forward to it too, it'll be weird to see Naveed as I'm so used to him being in River City now.

ohmygodyouguys Fri 07-Oct-16 13:04:59

Can't wait!!!!!!!

MissMarple11 Fri 07-Oct-16 15:54:04

I've already seen it at a preview. You won't be disappointed

CoffeeAndOranges Fri 07-Oct-16 15:56:10

On tonight you say??

Soozikinzi Fri 07-Oct-16 16:01:40

We love it and we're not Scottish at all - Lancastrian - we didn't know there were new ones that's great!

Amanda89x Fri 07-Oct-16 16:11:56

Love it! Can't wait for tonight

misskelly Fri 07-Oct-16 16:22:53

We can't wait for tonight either, we are currently watching the one with Bert and his over flowing pots of pea under the bead, boak.

Sweetdreamsaremadeofthis Fri 07-Oct-16 22:16:02

What did we all think of the new episode tonight?;

CoffeeAndOranges Fri 07-Oct-16 22:25:31

Thought it was pretty good although I felt it was a bit clunky at times. Maybe it'll take a few episodes to get going. Loved Isa's dog, didn't like Winston's brother as a plot thing - it was left a bit unresolved, maybe he'll be back?

Good to see the old gang back and not tampering with too much (although what's with Boabby's hair?!), but the absence of any extras in the streets made it seem a bit weirdly sterile. Craiglang looked like s ghost town!

OhFuds Fri 07-Oct-16 23:23:22

I enjoyed it apart from Winstons brother and the guy that was moaning about the bath water. I prefer the scene's with Isa, the dog was fab grin

Sweetdreamsaremadeofthis Fri 07-Oct-16 23:26:40

Same here i enjoyd it loved the bit with victor saying hello csi miami ma pals stuck in the bath pmsl

Same about winstons brother i expected a bit more from that like a pp says maybe he will be back

BreconBeBuggered Sat 08-Oct-16 08:34:08

I was at a friend's house last night and being too polite to demand use of her telly, but my reflex reaction when Still Game appeared on the screen couldn't be restrained and I saw the second half. Didn't mean to, as I was recording it at home, but somehow it was too good to abandon. DS2 was with me and he thought I was going to pish masel laughing.

Amanda89x Sat 08-Oct-16 12:02:59

Agreed with the Winston story line, seemed a bit strange. Loved that wee dog though grin

Groovee Sat 08-Oct-16 14:34:08

When the bath fell through the floor! gringrin I want Isa's dog!

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