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Questions re being in strictly come dancing audience

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Queenie72 Wed 05-Oct-16 19:05:01

V excitingly have got tickets to be in the audience - beyond excited . Had anyone been to Elstree.
It says tickets are validated at 9am , we were thinking of queuing from 7am, do you reckon will get in if we queue at this time .
Any ideas as to what colours are better to wear - trying to decide between red or blue dress.


Haggisfish Wed 05-Oct-16 19:06:50

I messaged BBC on their page about this and was given a time two hours in advance. How exciting!!!!!

Queenie72 Wed 05-Oct-16 19:08:13

So they said to be there from 7?? Is v v exciting

Haggisfish Wed 05-Oct-16 19:13:13

Yes. It's worth asking on the strictly Facebook page for first hand times.

Ookmybanana Wed 05-Oct-16 19:17:14

I went to the final 2 years ago and people had queued from 3am to be in the front. We arrived at 7ish and were about 250th in the queue. You get a number sticker to put on your ticket. We were told by production staff that The closer to the front of the queue, generally the closer to the front your seats are (although there are sometimes exceptions!) and the more chance you have of being on camera (not sure whether that's a good thing!)
Take a chair if you don't like standing around and there's a coffee shop fairly nearby if you need an early morning caffeine boost.
The queue atmosphere was good but it felt like a long long wait. It was chilly cos it was December but dry so hopefully it will be the same for you.
Make sure you eat before the show as it's quite a long time to be in there but you can't get up and go to the loo (obviously!) during the show so watch how much you drink. My experience as a bit different as there wasn't the results show to be recorded as it all goes out the same night. There's also a lot of rehearsal and pre-recording of some bits like the group dance. We got a kit Kat and a carton of orange juice in between the two shows.
Learn the words to sweet Caroline unless you want to feel a bit out of the gang during warm up!

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