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Stranger alert in SCD

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Tworingsandamicrowave Mon 03-Oct-16 01:28:13

Who is the dark haired girl upstairs with Claudia, the dancers and celebs? She was in a blue dress last night and last week was in a pink/orange number (I think). Is she a spare dancer or have I missed them saying who she is?

Florathefern Mon 03-Oct-16 01:39:34

I noticed her too!!!!!!

Tworingsandamicrowave Mon 03-Oct-16 03:12:36

Flora so pleased I'm not cracking up! Hopefully someone can tell us who she is.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Mon 03-Oct-16 03:15:22

There's a spare dancer called chloe

Tworingsandamicrowave Mon 03-Oct-16 10:11:25

Ah thank you Breakfast. I thought I spotted a random man as well, would he also be a spare? And does that mean they have to know all of the dances? Wow!

SapphireStrange Mon 03-Oct-16 18:23:48

There is a sparem, ginger man too. Are they emergency dancers? Seat-fillers?

SapphireStrange Mon 03-Oct-16 18:23:57

spare, ginger man.

DiegeticMuch Mon 03-Oct-16 18:43:01

I wondered about her. She reminded me of Kate Ford (Tracy in Coronation Street). I don't think I've ever noticed the stand-ins before. It's good that they're not sidelined - they probably work hard.

TheDrsDocMartens Mon 03-Oct-16 19:20:22

Man is Neil Jones I think.

HalloToJasonIsaacs Mon 03-Oct-16 19:22:10

Chloe is AJ's professional partner. Neil Jones is NewKatya's partner.

EllaHen Mon 03-Oct-16 19:22:16

Spare ginger man was introduced to us though. On the prequel programmes. He's married to Katja.

We noticed the dark haired woman last night.

SapphireStrange Mon 03-Oct-16 21:22:31

I don't remember him from the preview programme. So ARE they spares ie if a pro injures themselves at the last moment or something?

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