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Captain James and Our Girl Addicts XL

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icemistOBE Fri 30-Sep-16 20:11:41

2 years ago a thread on Our Girl was started with these words ^Anyone watching this drivel?
although slightly enjoyed the family dynamics going on last night, unfortunately DD's favourite programme and in fact Guardian seems to recommend it^

40,000 posts, fireside wrestling contests, fan-fiction, autograph requests, carol concerts, CJ Grand Tours later we are about to watch the last episode of series 2. And that first post is a distant memory.

Stay Alert, Stay Focused, Stay Alive grin

icemistOBE Fri 30-Sep-16 23:25:22

<waves> hello grin

Rhubarb01 Fri 30-Sep-16 23:28:39

Hello thread 40 - who wants to bet we can make it to 50?

Nickel45 Fri 30-Sep-16 23:43:54

... and more!

Rhubarb01 Sat 01-Oct-16 00:03:22

It's no good I am perturbed (love that word) by the gloomy predictions that ice reported. Can you imagine how unhappy everyone would be if it turns out that way - well perhaps not everyone - but you'll be a brave man TG if you go down that route!

pixieg1rl Sat 01-Oct-16 00:03:58

I'll drink to that. 40 and going strong!

MaddieMoo82 Sat 01-Oct-16 00:58:09

Ooh thread 40! Here's to more. As always 'above and beyond' with the watchalong ladies grin

Ilovelblue Sat 01-Oct-16 07:14:22

Morning all. Thread 40 eh, who would have thought it?

Thinking back to the end of episode 4 in the first series, that is when I first joined here. I laughed and lurked for a few days and posted (eventually) on the Sunday afternoon prior to the final episode. Seem to recall it was fairly mixed about the Smurf v CJ love. More for CJ yes but plenty for Smurf too. Glad to hear that there's very little for Jamie though last night. I guess he's been a good casting choice though?

Richtea19 Sat 01-Oct-16 07:43:14

Thread 40, it's amazing and yes I feel we will still be going strong at thread 50!! We are hardcore!

MaddieMoo82 Sat 01-Oct-16 08:26:29

Morning! I think MK has been a big hit ilove especially in terms of the followers that she has brought along to the show.
pix it made the laugh the picture of yours that BA retweeted last night... He's obviously in agreement about the BBCs clothes choices!! smile

Nickel45 Sat 01-Oct-16 08:34:33

pix you legend! BA retweeted you? Brilliant!!!!!! You've got them hooked, TG, CJ, Spanner, just need MK and LP and you've the full house smile amazeballs!

pixieg1rl Sat 01-Oct-16 08:37:23

I'm assured by those in the know (mooj) that this was proper Rupert clothing.

moojangles Sat 01-Oct-16 08:37:32

Missed the watchalong as couldn't get on mn. Have to say that the BBC wardrobe were spot on with CJ clothes, proper Rupert!
Is it wrong of me to be happy that DH is working all weekend?!?!
Thread 40, blimey. I was a loooooong time lurker.
Have a good Saturday

kazzaD66 Sat 01-Oct-16 08:38:39

DH doesn't know about my BA OG obsession and has been working away from home during the week so I can indulge in secret peace. Yesterday, he was offered a new job contract starting next week where he gets to commute on a daily basis rather than having to stay away from home and all I can think about is I CAN'T WATCH THE LAST EP OF OG LIVE!!!!! Does this make me a bad person?confused
I'll have to watch it back on Thursday morning when everyone is at school / work and I've done the big Thurs morn weekly shop, whilst avoiding all types of social media, inc MN obvs. sad

MaddieMoo82 Sat 01-Oct-16 08:44:42

Seems perfectly justifiable mooj grinand rubbish kezia hmm but congrats on DHs new job. OH is out for a meal tonight... I can't wait!!

Nickel45 Sat 01-Oct-16 08:53:38

Completely get that kazza, I expect my kids don't understand why I am more pissed off with the constant bed time shenanigans on a Wednesday, more than any other night. Luckily there is usually football on, so DH is off watching that on his own and leaves me in peace.

icemistOBE Sat 01-Oct-16 08:57:07

Hubby gets sent to kitchen to play his game on the laptop when I watch OG otherwise he chats all the way through and annoys me

pixieg1rl Sat 01-Oct-16 09:12:53

My OH knows his place. He started wittering on about something on Wednesday and I shut him up sharpish. He didn't even bat an eyelid when I turned off Gardeners World for the watchalong last night.

In return I had to feign interest in some new spaceship he got in his new computer game.

Rhubarb01 Sat 01-Oct-16 09:13:32

Morning. I've found honesty to be the best policy - they all know about the obsession and just humour me with lots of eye rolling. It also helps that DH is either away or doesn't get in until well after 10pm on Wednesdays and teenagers are just brilliant from the point of view that they always want to be in their own rooms or anywhere you aren't...I just need to train the dog to not to demand visits to the garden at inappropriate moments!

Rhubarb01 Sat 01-Oct-16 09:15:25

I was going to say 'fair exchange' and all that pix but let's be honest that's a totally unreasonable expectation on your OH's behalf!

MaddieMoo82 Sat 01-Oct-16 09:28:18

Ah rhu that's happened here too. Dog always wants to go out halfway through (even if I let her out just before it starts!!) Had to pause last week whilst she was spooked by something at the bottom of the garden in the dark!

Richtea19 Sat 01-Oct-16 09:47:08

I'm pretty lucky on a weds eve, kids stay in their rooms and DH knows not to annoy me, it's an excuse for him to play on the Xbox without me moaning!

I can't believe it's the last episode next week. After all the speculation of a new series it's just gone too quickly again. I remember we had a mass debate that episode 5 of the first series was rushed and we could have stretched it to at least 8 episodes. I wonder if we will feel the same?

Rhubarb01 Sat 01-Oct-16 10:59:10

My initial opinion of episode 4 was...hmmm! However, on re-watching and analysing I think there's actually quite a lot there. As you say rich we all thought episode 5 of series 1 was rushed and we were confused about the timescales but in a way we're getting the opposite now because we're spending a lot more time on the aftermath of Kenya and although Molly showed signs of PTSD it wasn't explored in the same way although the time involved is still quite short. It's obviously not five weeks since Kenya as they haven't gone to Syria yet. In reality it would be many weeks or months, possibly years of coping with it. Without going into details we've had a case of PTSD linked to military service very recently in my family and it dates back many years.

I'm also wondering about the effect on FF should there be any 'unfortunate' end for Elvis. You won't find many stories on FF dedicated to or featuring Smurf in a lot of detail. OK I know it's largely the CJ and Molly show, of course grin but I think it might be difficult to imagine stories for someone who you know is 'no more'. I'm thinking the best solution all round is Abu is 'neutralised' so that Georgie can deal with that part of her life (sort of) sorry but I hate with a vengeance the word 'closure' , no one else gets hurt in a physical sense and that she does decide she needs time to get a 'calmness in her nut' so she says bye bye to both her suitors...for now - but don't go to Syria, love!

Rhubarb01 Sat 01-Oct-16 11:01:50

Did I sound like Bashira just then?

KeziaOAP Sat 01-Oct-16 13:31:16

Couldn't get on to MN for watchalong hmm have enjoyed reading through your comments. A question would they have filmed alternative endings?

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