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I think I have a crime doc addiction.

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JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Fri 23-Sep-16 13:44:38

Currently watching Who Took Johnny on Netflix having resurrected my previous crime doc obsession.

Can any recommend any good (I use that term loosely as obviously they're not good!) ones to watch? We don't have sky (annoyingly as I want to watch the JonBenet one)but I have Netflix, prime and now tv.

I can only watch when DP is out as he hates them. I then cack myself over every noise in the house for ages but I can't stop watching them blush

DerekSprechenZeDick Fri 23-Sep-16 13:47:28

I went through a stage where I watched shit tons of them. That Louis guy I think does some

Snapped: Women Who Kill
Killer Kids

Whooptydoo1 Fri 23-Sep-16 13:49:01

Making a murderer on Netflix is good, the fall is quite good too

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Fri 23-Sep-16 13:50:03

DP thinks I'm nuts for watching them.

Will look into killer kids and women who kill.

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Fri 23-Sep-16 13:50:57

I completely forgot about making a murderer. I watched the first episode then life got in the way. Will have to get back into that.

DerekSprechenZeDick Fri 23-Sep-16 13:52:41

Have you seen Luther? If not you need to

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Fri 23-Sep-16 13:54:52

I want to but I heard horrific things about a loft hatch. Which I'm ridiculously scared of anyway having seen The Grudge.

I appear to have some stupid condition where I need to scare myself into insanity.

DerekSprechenZeDick Fri 23-Sep-16 13:56:04

Watch it. It's amazing, I binge watched it over two nights.

MyBreadIsEggy Fri 23-Sep-16 13:56:27

I have a bit of an obsession too OP blush
You should watch the Paradise Lost trilogy.
Made by HBO over the course of 20 years.
Probably some of the most hard-hitting TV I've ever watched. All three documentaries are available on YouTube, they just have Portuguese subtitles!

On Prime there's the Forensic Files series which is like a real life csi - they look at old cases and how they were solved.

ayeokthen Fri 23-Sep-16 13:58:11

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam there's no loft hatch in Luther? Attic badness, but no loft hatch. Mind you, you'll be wanting a divan bed nailed to the floor after watching one of them 😂

ayeokthen Fri 23-Sep-16 13:59:02

I second Derek though, it's bloody brilliant!

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Fri 23-Sep-16 14:00:29

Maybe it's the attic I'm thinking of. Attics and basements are the shit of nightmares!

Igotboredofmyotherusername Fri 23-Sep-16 14:01:23

I really enjoyed "There's something wrong with Aunt Diane". It's on YouTube.

ayeokthen Fri 23-Sep-16 14:01:48

To be fair, Luther is mega creepy in places but I'm obsessed! I'm the wussiest wuss you've ever met, but I'm hooked.

Indiaplain Fri 23-Sep-16 14:02:21

There is a documentary about Amanda Knox being released on Netflix on 30/9 which looks v intriguing

ayeokthen Fri 23-Sep-16 14:03:08

When is the JonBenet Ramsey doc on in the UK?

PikachuSayBoo Fri 23-Sep-16 14:03:20

I want to see the new cbs documentary on jonbenet Ramsey. Not sure where to find it on UK TV though.

PikachuSayBoo Fri 23-Sep-16 14:03:52


JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Fri 23-Sep-16 14:06:06

I thought it was aired this week? Might have been US though.

Will try and find it tonight. It must be somewhere in the depths of the Internet.

absolutelynotfabulous Fri 23-Sep-16 14:55:27

I think the Jonbenet one has been . I missed itsad.

I'm watching Murder Maps on Yesterday right now! John Christie.

Did anyone see Conviction (I think) in the week? BBC 1.

I prefer British offerings, but I SO wanted to see Making a Murderer.

The one on Bbc 3 about a teenage boy who went missing on the Isle of Wight was quite good.

wizzywig Fri 23-Sep-16 14:55:31

Murder in suburbia and law and order are my addictions. Plus aircraft investigations

PrivatePike Fri 23-Sep-16 15:24:33

Conviction on bbc2 was brilliant and so interesting, I can't wait for next week.

TheWildRumpyPumpus Fri 23-Sep-16 15:30:04

Team Foxcatcher on Netflix is good.

Dear Zachary is well worth a watch (YouTube I think)

TalHotBlond on Netflix.

There are loads more, will have a think.

PrivatePike Fri 23-Sep-16 15:42:43

I found Dear Zachary almost unbearable to watch sad

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