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People just do nothing

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kennypppppppp Tue 13-Sep-16 22:09:06

I haven't seen it talked about anywhere on here. But I have just got into it via i player etc and am totally up to date (like it's a challenge?!) and I think it's utter genius. (Although I have started talking like grindah)

Macarena1990 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:07:34

I love it too! although I doubt it is as funny to those who weren't into the London garage scene.

kennypppppppp Wed 14-Sep-16 17:28:32

I have never been into the London garage scene but i laugh so much at it that I can't open my eyes (!??!?!? What the?!?!??!?!)

Peanut dust!

Glad there's another fan!!!!!!!

furlinedsheepskinjacket Thu 15-Sep-16 01:04:32

love it smile

locked in every week

NatNad Thu 15-Sep-16 07:33:55

Love this show. Chabuddy is a legend grin

kennypppppppp Fri 16-Sep-16 17:53:29

Chabuds is a total legend, and the owner of the worlds only dial up inter web cafe. What's a gal not to like??

Peanut dust.

2legit2knit Fri 16-Sep-16 23:09:10

Love it. The club night one was the best! I think Roche and Decoy make it, they're so normal among the idiocy of he others.

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 17-Sep-16 07:23:44

I love it too.
I think the thing that's so funny is that I know people who are like this.

The80sweregreat Sat 17-Sep-16 19:11:42

I lve this, catch up with series one too. Soo funny. Poor michelle!

Crocodillian Sat 17-Sep-16 19:13:59

I love it and fancy all of them. I dont know why, I think it just takes me back to my youth.

The80sweregreat Sat 17-Sep-16 19:16:56

Grindr is probably a private school , Rada trained actor. He lets him self down with his diction!
Love Michelle, i want to hug her, my 24 yr old n i watch this together. Down with the kidz eh? Lol

PseudoBadger Sat 17-Sep-16 19:22:09

I love it. But I was there, I do wonder if it's as funny if you don't 'know' them. Love Decoy and his despairing expressions.

The80sweregreat Sat 17-Sep-16 19:28:56

I am old, i wasnt there, but i get it! They play the same song too! It just funny.

NatNad Sat 17-Sep-16 20:04:08

Decoy expressions are so funny. I don't think they is a garage scene/pirate radio community like that these days tho?

OneOfTheGrundys Sat 17-Sep-16 20:08:00

Grindah was actually an mc before the show started. And beats was something in the music industry too-a producer I think?
I love this but it's almost too much to watch sometimes. Cringe cannot cover it!

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sat 17-Sep-16 20:16:18

beats is a songwriter in rl - he's a chegwin smile

The80sweregreat Sat 17-Sep-16 20:47:56

Oh yes, keiths bro or cousin or something! Lol

The80sweregreat Sat 17-Sep-16 20:49:02

I fancy Grindr and i could be his mum!

2legit2knit Sat 17-Sep-16 21:32:04

Beats is Cheggers' nephew!

achangeisgonnacome Tue 20-Sep-16 15:31:06

I love it too, having stumbled across S1 a while back and becoming hooked. I'm an 80s gal and remember pirate stations from back in the day, really don't be think you need to have lived the garage scene to like the show.

It is just so cringey but funny at the same time.

As PP have said, with just a look/ raised eyebrow from Decoy, Craig And Roche and we all know what they're thinking.

Looking forward to seeing how Grindr reacts to Beats' baby, once it's born. He wants Beats to himself and got jealous when Beats became pals with Darren from the ante natal classes.

kennypppppppp Wed 21-Sep-16 23:11:23

Have only just read all this - but woo and wooooooo again. I was in tears at the end of tonight's then I PMSL at Steves!!!!!!! Chabuddddddz was a total national treasure (of Hounslow) with the hug!!!!!!!!!!!!

hurry up, series 4!!!!!!
And was bloody pmsl at what was in Craig's bag!!!!!!!!!

PseudoBadger Thu 22-Sep-16 06:25:43

This last episode was fabulous. So much depth and emotion. Thank goodness Miche stayed strong. I missed Decoy though sad

JazzAnnNonMouse Thu 22-Sep-16 13:41:59

I really like miche and glad she's sending cocklodger off!
I love Steves so much. Clever episode with the emotional depth it had but also still hilarious. V clever team of writers/actors.

WomanFromAnotherPlace Thu 22-Sep-16 14:30:05

Just watching series 2 at the moment. Love this show.
Grindah is a real life MC, and apparently they got the idea for the show when watching The Office stoned:

WomanFromAnotherPlace Thu 22-Sep-16 14:31:27

Also, I have definitely known people that are like every single character on this show, even Craig. I think that's why I love it so much

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