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Guilty Pleasures - and getting wound up

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MadamCantona Thu 08-Sep-16 01:24:34

Hello - completely new to this so apologies if similar posted or this is in the wrong category.
Between you and me (look over shoulder; nervous twitch) I LURVVE the Real Housewife franchise and am well peeved quite a lot is not on catch up. I think DH (see what I did there?!) would be oblivious but I myself, would be embarrassed if caught out.
Anyway, I started out on RHOC - and was rather annoyed with Mrs Ward's comment re Misse; yes, I know I'm well behind ...
I couldn't believe a Mum of four daughters would say something about another woman's appearance; she obviously thought it was something noteworthy and I thought it was extremely unpleasant. Misse is absolutely beautiful ... and doesn't need loads of cash behind her to underpin her already established career. I'm sure Anders would be happy if she decided to sing or perhaps, buy a very expensive horse plus trainer and decide on Dressage as a career ... I thought it was nasty. Again, sorry if not appropriate for this forum but something I would not do. Ta!

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