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Cancelling Sky TV

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freshstart22 Sat 03-Sep-16 21:54:28

Not sure where else to post this..

I'm thinking of cancelling sky. The thing is I love TV! Would free view and a Netflix subscription be enough? I need to be able to keep young children happy too so will they have enough options?

ApollO88 Sat 03-Sep-16 21:57:42

We have Netflix and nowtv. Can access iplayer from now tv, honestly haven't missed out anything we have wanted to watch

ApollO88 Sat 03-Sep-16 21:58:29

Kids sections on Netflix and nowtv should say. Our 5 year old ds has plenty to watch

freshstart22 Sat 03-Sep-16 22:03:32

That's good to know. Hmmmm farewell sky!

FrazzleM Sat 03-Sep-16 22:03:40

What Sky package do you have OP?

We had the full package and went down to the basic family package (no movies or sport) and now we have an Amazon Firestick with Kodi.

We've saved a small fortune.

Poppiesway Sat 03-Sep-16 22:24:46

I'm cancelling my sky tomorrow.. But need to find another Internet provider as not sure if I can stay with sky Internet without the TV? Which internees providers do you use if not sky?

freshstart22 Sun 04-Sep-16 06:43:34

I have the full package too including multi room it's over £100 every month. The problem is my husband said he wants the sport so now I'm stuffed. Any suggestions?

ADishBestEatenCold Sun 04-Sep-16 11:54:27

"Any suggestions?"

Cancel. They will ask you to rejoin. Stand firm and (over quite a short period) their 'offer' will come down to half price (or less).

Rejoin then ... if you want to (by that stage I had discovered that we didn't actually miss it, so we didn't rejoin).

AnotherOneBitesTheDust9 Sun 04-Sep-16 18:10:31

You can have the internet without the TV.

I've got Sky Fibre Unlimited for £10 a month + line rental. I had had this for a year and it was expiring so I said I wanted to cancel my TV and internet and they extended my internet offer and have let me keep the recording function for a year for free. They did ring me to get me to rejoin I think but I was busy so said try tomorrow and then when they rang I answered and they hung up. That was it no more calls after that. The initial cancellation offers were terrible. Was far easier to cancel than I thought it would be. We've got Netflix again now.

Sky internet is the best by far round here. I wont ever use BT, SO many issues in the past and their customer service was always awful.

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