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Say yes to the dress uk

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wizzler Sat 03-Sep-16 21:24:04

I admit it.. I love Say Yes to the Dress. I know its predictable, but it's just the sort of TV that can wash over me after a long week at work and I dont need to think.

I was looking forward to the UK version but am really not feeling it.

Wherever they are doesnt seem anything to resemble the Bridal stores in New York and Atlanta, and whereas I believe that Randy and Monty really do work in those stores, David E just seems a bit of an afterthought in the UK version. I am even irritated that they have curtains for cubicles and not proper doors

What do you think, MN jury? Please feel free to hand me a grip!

DramaAlpaca Sat 03-Sep-16 21:29:13

Say Yes to the Dress is my guilty TV pleasure too, and yes I completely agree with you - so if you need a grip, I do too grin

I watched a couple of episodes of the UK version and that was enough for me. I don't like David E at all.

I love both the US versions, there is such a warmth coming from the shop staff in both of them which really makes the shows, but it really hasn't translated to the UK version.

Corialanusburt Sat 03-Sep-16 21:31:40

Say Yes to the Dress is my guilty pleasure. Other versions e.g. Canadian one are similar so I thought a UK version would be great.
I think the reason it's poor is that they've not done it on as high a budget. The people are low rent, the dresses and salon/s are low rent and the cast are weak.
Ironically, what's made the US version so good is how un American the style is. They show the whole story, the angst, the numerous dresses they go through. The U.K. Version has edited it right down to only 2 dresses per person with some sort of competition conceit that's not really working. Its not really working.

Corialanusburt Sat 03-Sep-16 21:32:43

Ooh rubbish repetition there sorry. Wish we could edit after the fact.

wizzler Sat 03-Sep-16 21:37:52

Glad it's not just me!

I loved my wedding dress, but it was made for me by a friend, so although we had a lot of lovely evenings having fittings and lots of wine, I never really had the luxurious, opulent appointments that people seem to have at Kleinfeld, and I love watching them try on beautiful dresses with cowboy boots, and I love the little talks they have in the mornings. I even love Brandon in the bridesmaid's department.

The UK version looks a bit like Debenhams......

Redglitter Sat 03-Sep-16 22:51:11

I love SYTTDA Monty and Lori just make it but I'm quite enjoying the UK one I must admit

loopylulu80 Sat 10-Sep-16 21:11:42

I'll admit I lost 6 hours to Say Yes to the Dress today blush and saw a couple of the UK episodes after and they were shocking! They felt totally fake and very scripted

wizzler Sun 11-Sep-16 18:50:59

Say Yes to the dress is fab, isnt it..? My DH will come in, see me watching and say "No to the show" and leave me to it! .. It is the perfect antidote to a week at work, I can become totally immersed in froth and lace, and mermaids and sparkle ... perfect

Myfanwyprice Mon 12-Sep-16 12:52:13

A friend of my sister got her dress from the shop the uk version is filmed in - they called her after she had ordered her dress to ask if she wanted to appear on the programme, she said but I've already closed my dress! They said that's ok, we'll make it look like you haven't decided yet!

Really put me off it and I love the American version!

Teladi Mon 12-Sep-16 12:56:53

I've found my people - I love Say Yes To The Dress NY, Atlanta and Bridesmaids! I wasn't even that bothered about my own wedding dress...!

I don't like the UK one as much but have only seen a couple of episodes. I haven't seen Canada - I shall have to keep my eyes out for that.

crayfish Mon 12-Sep-16 13:15:45

I love SYTTD! Its totally uncool but I could watch it for hours. I agree that the UK version just doesn't work, I'm not sure if it's a cultural thing or just the actual shop it's set in but I can't warm to anything about it. The shop looks cheap, whereas I always get the impression that Kleinfelds is quite a high-end shop. DE also seems like what he's saying is a bit scripted and he doesn't seem genuine in the way that Lori and Monty et al do.

crayfish Mon 12-Sep-16 13:16:52

Oh and I bought my own wedding dress second hand from gumtee and never even tried it on, so it's not as if I'm wedding dress crazy for myself!

wizzler Wed 14-Sep-16 08:49:10

Had it set to record every episode, but have stopped that now. Ah well.!

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