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Anyone watch Ellen?

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ihatebing Sat 03-Sep-16 19:02:18


I really didn't like the look of it. Seemed very dark and looked as though it would be disturbing. I've read a little about it though and it was described as humorous, but sad....which I could probably handle confused

I've recorded it, but just thought I'd pop on here and see if anyone saw it and what they thought.


ALemonyPea Sat 03-Sep-16 19:04:09

I watch it when the DC are at school. I cringe whenever she dances.

anyname123 Sat 03-Sep-16 19:04:48

Have your hankies at the ready. I'm sorry I watched it, at 8 months pg it was all far too much!

ihatebing Sat 03-Sep-16 19:31:36

Ah. So not humorous then? sad

anyname123 Sat 03-Sep-16 20:29:52

Humorous as in black humour , young teenagers taking drugs and acting a bit odd in a way that might make you nostalgic, but definitely more dark and gritty than humorous

TheWildRumpyPumpus Sat 03-Sep-16 20:38:53

Are we talking about a different Ellen to the affable lady who presents a daytime TV show? hmm

ImperialBlether Sat 03-Sep-16 20:41:28

I think ALemonyPea meant Ellen the comedian!

I've heard it was good - I'm going to watch it in a day or two.

Ditsyprint40 Sat 03-Sep-16 20:47:32

Desperately sad but so realistic, and so relevant at the moment. It is really hard viewing (implied but not shown rape) but brilliantly done.

(Assuming we're talking about the one-off shown on channel 4?)

ALemonyPea Sat 03-Sep-16 20:55:22

blush so not the Ellen who does the talk show?

ihatebing Sat 03-Sep-16 22:05:02

Ditsy, really? Was going to say as long as it doesn't have rape in it..... When you say implied, do you mean it cuts away before you see anything, or is out of shot, but you know what's happening? That's one thing that I just can't watch, but unfortunately seems to feature in so much lately.

I originally thought it looked like a hard watch, but the reviews, as I said, didn't seem to imply that.

Dp has deleted now anyway, by accident I should add. She thought it was Ellen DeGeneres too! Sorry, I should have made that more clear in the title blush

I might watch it on catch up. I don't know.

Ditsyprint40 Sat 03-Sep-16 22:47:50

It's not shown but spoiler! you know she has sex with an older man and the last seen cuts before anything is shown, but you know what is going to happen.

I would recommend watching it. It's really relevant and is happening all over the country behind closed doors. I think the more people watch the better!

It's hard to watch in some scenes but not throughout. It's just desperately sad, particularly if you've got a good understanding of the context.

CremeEggThief Sat 03-Sep-16 23:20:07

I thought it was excellent, but harrowing in parts. The girl who played Ellen was brilliant.

ihatebing Sun 04-Sep-16 18:45:15

Ditsy, ok thanks.

Yes, I've heard the girl who plays Ellen is brilliant!

Ditsyprint40 Sun 04-Sep-16 20:32:43

She is fantastic yes! It is brilliantly cast.

gingerboy1912 Sun 04-Sep-16 21:37:54

I watched it. It was sad I felt for her. The ending was awful. sad

NatNad Sun 04-Sep-16 21:41:00

I watched it. Was good but very sad. It haunted me for a bit, but it's a story that needs to be brought to society attention.

CremeEggThief Sun 04-Sep-16 21:42:57

Every single adult (apart from the dying nan) let that poor young girl down.sad

stopfuckingshoutingatme Wed 07-Sep-16 09:46:33

brilliant and sad. The ending, was so bleak and cleverly done.

great stuff. reminds me of Lilya 4ever, and London to Brighton

Childrenofthestones Wed 07-Sep-16 13:28:45

No...that would have been much less funny.😌

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