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Tue10pm bbc2 "mumsnet: the sitcom"

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cexuwaleozbu Sat 03-Sep-16 18:34:17

Motherland is reviewed in the guardian guide mag as essentially Mumsnet: the sitcom - an utterly hysterical and bracingly honest look at the messy business of motherhood

Mumsnet is referenced regularly in the media by people who clearly know nothing about it. How likely is it that the reviewer has any real experience of the mumsnet community?

So is this going to be horrifically sexist drivel full of tired old stereotypes rather that real women, or might it be actually good? A British remake of Desperate Housewives or something original?

I expect there'll be the "I'm so earth mother vegan mix my own quinoa muesli" character. The "gosh I have this amazingly high-powered career and earn loads while my DH is a sahp but I have this incredible angst that I am missing my kids childhood" character. Which other characters might there be (no googling for cast lists and character descriptions, that's cheating)

mummydarkling Sat 03-Sep-16 22:26:11

I guess we have to see.

Yes a sitcom about "middle class motherhood" just begs for lazy stereotypes. I'll raise you an evangelical SAHM who sneers at WOHMs.

Equally it could be good if it rings true. My DH just made me watch our ex wife and when he first watched it found it really funny. Me not so much in fact I worried there was some vague misogyny in the extremely evil one dimensional ex wife BUT found out it was written by a woman! Go figure?

cexuwaleozbu Sun 04-Sep-16 12:24:25

Sadly not all women are conscious of the sexusm and bias endemic in our culture. There are plenty of women who only want to buy pink things for their daughters and don't want them to do anything that might be "boyish" so there must be female script writers out there who perceive womanhood as stereotype-central.

But the writing team of Motherland is Graham Linehan who wrote Father Ted and Black Books which are brilliant - plus his wife Helen who has no other writing credits I know of but was in the genius Look Around You spoof science series so it might have potential.

martinemorris Tue 06-Sep-16 11:33:06

Its really funny... My LO is one of the kids on it and had the best time filming!! If you watch one thing tonight watch this, its hilarious!!

cexuwaleozbu Tue 06-Sep-16 23:09:05

Well it's downloaded onto my phone - on a plane tomorrow so will have a chance to watch it.

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