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Celeb Big Brother Thread 10 - final week and as usual we dislike them all!

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AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 23-Aug-16 21:41:50

But at least we've got each other! And snacks!

darksideofthemooncup Tue 23-Aug-16 21:43:12

I'm here!

SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:43:18


SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:43:35


darksideofthemooncup Tue 23-Aug-16 21:43:38

YES! First time EVERRRRRRR gringrin

SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:43:56


SinisterBumFacedCat Tue 23-Aug-16 21:44:06


darksideofthemooncup Tue 23-Aug-16 21:44:12

Sorry Sole wink

ShellyF Tue 23-Aug-16 21:44:14

Found you

SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:44:32

Dark grin you will pay for this

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 23-Aug-16 21:44:42

Scary Eyes is ignoring Sam.

Lilaclily Tue 23-Aug-16 21:44:43

She's coming across well :-)

SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:45:18

Sam wants to speak!!

SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:45:42

Little Miss competitive grin

darksideofthemooncup Tue 23-Aug-16 21:45:52

Sam looks distinctly orange

Wendalicious Tue 23-Aug-16 21:46:15

Oh Sam cringe! Wait your turn!

EverySongbirdSays Tue 23-Aug-16 21:46:21

Sam was well gutted

I always miss the end of Freds, I was doing a poo, not during sex and not on anyone.

Redcrayons Tue 23-Aug-16 21:46:32

Sam's been tangoed.

SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:47:02

Contact lenses. I'm too squeamish.

ShellyF Tue 23-Aug-16 21:47:11

Emma doesn't want to know what an arse Bear is

darksideofthemooncup Tue 23-Aug-16 21:47:43

Can contact lenses really go to the back of your eye? Eurgh

SoleBizzz Tue 23-Aug-16 21:48:23

Sam grin

ShellyF Tue 23-Aug-16 21:48:30

Hahaha she doesn't want to hear

NoCapes Tue 23-Aug-16 21:48:51

Oh God Sam shut up!!

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 23-Aug-16 21:48:56

Yes they canm dark Happened to an ex of mine.

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