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Missed 2 weeks of corrie

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Mairyhinge Sun 21-Aug-16 11:47:23

Been on holiday so recorded both the omnibus episodes, but I can't face sitting thru approx 8 hours of corrie before tomorrow night 😩
So, can anyone give me a quick synopsis of anything I've missed?
Thank you flowers

MadHattersWineParty Sun 21-Aug-16 11:57:57

You haven't missed a lot tbh!

Eileen went to Thailand to see Todd who took a drunken tumble. This is very odd for Eileen as she's previously ventured no further than Dean Street. Phelan can presumably now plunder the accounts.

Izzy came back from prison and Gary told her he wasn't in love with her but she's fine with it and they agreed he can sleep on a bunk bed in Jake's room and eat his meals with them confused

Leanne is going to move to Liverpool. Maybe.

Michelle got pregnant within about a day of deciding to try and get pregnant.

Maria inexplicably slept with Aiden on her sofa and instead of just shrugging it off as a drunken mistake decided to just break up with Luke.

Eva wants to move in with Aiden and has developed a weird gulpy chuckle tic, listen out for it, it's really annoying.

Gemma is buttering up the oldies in the hope of being crowned citizen of the year or something.

pinkieandperkie Sun 21-Aug-16 12:02:17

Leanne's son Simon has sprouted facial hairsmile

Mairyhinge Sun 21-Aug-16 14:37:07

Thank you!! Sounds as dismal as ever then, glad I'm not wasting hours of my life catching up..
Simon is ( supposed to be) younger than my son, and he's not sprouting facial hair yet so how is Simon?!
Certainly sounds like the ridiculous storylines that have no reason or sense are continuing.
Appreciate your help mad & pinkie

Chasingsquirrels Sun 21-Aug-16 14:41:38

Comment on facial hair made me smile - ds1 is just going into year 9 and has been growing chin hair for a good few months. Not enough to need to shave everyday but as he hasn't shaved at all its getting quite long.
How old is Simon meant to be - I thought he was similar to ds1.

pinkieandperkie Sun 21-Aug-16 14:45:56

Not sure how old Simon is but he had a definite tash going on. He's all grown up bless him. Thankfully he's not psycho child anymore attacking Leanne.

MadHattersWineParty Sun 21-Aug-16 16:20:31

Simon is 13. Oh yes, he's really good now, he never snarls or hits even though Leanne has basically told him to go and pack a case as they're moving to Liverpool now

NuggetofPurestGreen Sun 21-Aug-16 16:22:17

Leanne went back to work and the bistro and rob sold half of it to Nick. Nick is in love with Leanne (again) and she loves him too but hasn't told him because she's up the pole by Steve.

NuggetofPurestGreen Sun 21-Aug-16 16:22:53

Aidan is pretending he wants to move in with Eva but he doesn't really.

Mairyhinge Sun 21-Aug-16 16:31:24

So Leanne relented and went back to the bistro, and why doesn't Aidan want to move in with Eva and why did he sleep with Maria, how did that come about??!

pinkieandperkie Sun 21-Aug-16 16:31:24

I hope Aiden doesn't get away with sleeping with Maria. Also glad that Issy's Botox has worn off and she can frown again.

MadHattersWineParty Sun 21-Aug-16 16:53:32

Aiden doesn't want to move in with Eva because he doesn't want the huge commitment but his hand sort of got forced when Maria told Eva the reason Aiden was in the flat was to get Maria's opinion on some flats. Really he'd come over to talk to Caz who was out and Maria and Aiden had a chat and a bottle of wine and just went for it. All very odd.

pinkieandperkie Sun 21-Aug-16 16:57:59

I would like to know how come Leanne slept with Steve? How did that happen.

Mairyhinge Sun 21-Aug-16 17:02:07

Hmmmmm it is ALL very odd! Aidan and Maria, Leanne and Steve , just weird.
Thanks all for the updates tho. Can't say I'm excited to watch it, sounds dull and confusing!

NuggetofPurestGreen Sun 21-Aug-16 19:50:50

Well they had two bottles of wine grin.

Maria and Aidan had both just had minor rows with their partners so obviously had to take solace in each other's arms!

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