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Criminal Minds ? Hotch has been fired!

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BeJayKayven Sat 13-Aug-16 00:12:34

😮 Apparently he's done a Jeremy and hit a producer! here

RJnomore1 Sat 13-Aug-16 00:14:37


DramaAlpaca Sat 13-Aug-16 00:16:00

I just read that! I can't believe it, CM won't be the same sad

PurpleDaisies Sat 13-Aug-16 00:16:34

I think that's the death of the show. I used to love it but ditched it a few seasons ago. I wonder if they'll kill him off or let him retire for family reasons?

chocoLit Sat 13-Aug-16 00:16:40

He always came across as such a drip too!

PurpleDaisies Sat 13-Aug-16 00:20:38

Didn't he get catfished a few years ago?

RJnomore1 Sat 13-Aug-16 00:22:29

I reckon it's dead in the water next series without Derek Morgan and now no hotch.

I do love Penelope, jj (adore her) and spence but I don't think it's enough to carry the series.

It's a shame, it's my absolute favourite too.

CoolioAndTheGang Sat 13-Aug-16 00:22:54

He kicked a writer when he was directing an episode. I'm more upset that Derek left. Then again, I'm still pining for Gyddion sad

DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Sat 13-Aug-16 00:29:06

I'm devastated but as it's the second time he's assaulted a crew member what other choice did they have but to sack him! I'm holding onto my hope that it's still as good without him (and Morgan) while cursing him though.

BeJayKayven Sat 13-Aug-16 00:33:28


His 2nd time, I did not know that 😦 Must be a bit of a knob then.

No Derek either, I don't like change!!

AllMyBestFriendsAreMetalheads Sat 13-Aug-16 00:34:25

I think Prentiss should take over the BAU now. She'd be great.

RJnomore1 Sat 13-Aug-16 00:42:58

Not a prentice fan here.

harrypoooter Sat 13-Aug-16 00:44:22

LovevPrentiss. MGG is the best though!

MrsCeee Sat 13-Aug-16 00:48:34

Oh no. The only ones left for me are Penelope and Spencer now. I think this is the end for CM now sad

LemonRedwood Wed 17-Aug-16 16:26:33

This is sad sad

It really started going downhill when Prentiss left. For me, the Doyle story line was CM's jumping the shark moment. I've struggled with the Prentiss replacements, of which Jeanne tripplehorn was the best. Charlie from Friends really grates on me for reasons I'm not sure of, it's not wooden acting, it's just that everything she does is acted the same iykwim.

Was wondering if it would be the same without Morgan, but without Hotch either could be the final nail in the coffin sad

PeppermintInfusion Tue 30-Aug-16 23:30:44

Prentiss was also in Friends, she was the copy girl Ross had a fling with when he was on a break from Rachel!

The Gideon era was the best for me, the storylines were properly gruesome and focused more on him solving it. Love Penelope, love Spencer, but don't think they (even with Rossi) could carry the show.

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