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Prison Break - let it go, goddammit **POTENTIAL SPOILERS ALERT - edited by MNHQ**

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limitedperiodonly Wed 10-Aug-16 20:24:54

I really liked the first series of Prison Break. The second one was okay, and the fhird, set in some hellish central American jail where Michael was inside and Meathead had to break him out, was interesting in a totally confused way.

Michael got fat and stopped taking his shirt off, but I always had a soft spot for T-Bag.

But then there was some silly conspiracy involving Michael's mum and Jim from Neighbours and I was relieved when Michael died from a brain tumour and Lori from the Walking Dead had his baby.

But they're bringing it back. In the name of God, no.

ihatethecold Wed 10-Aug-16 20:26:37

That link took me to buy Ralph Lauren polo shirts!!

limitedperiodonly Wed 10-Aug-16 20:30:41

Sorry This might work

SavoyCabbage Wed 10-Aug-16 20:38:59

I felt so sorry for Lincoln in series one but when he escaped and he was yelling al over the place drawing attention to himself I wished he was back on death row.

limitedperiodonly Wed 10-Aug-16 20:45:55

They completely abandoned the original storyline where Lincoln killed the the President's brother. Was that right? The bloke who turned out not to be dead at but was under house arrest and then was killed by someone else for a reason that wasn't explained?

I was really sad when the cat got killed in season 1.

tiffanysfanny Wed 10-Aug-16 20:49:14

What ? I didn't even finish series three.

Cleebope Wed 10-Aug-16 22:07:07

Yeah it got crap, I gave up at the film version but loved the first 3 series. But it now has acquired a big cult following due to Netflix mainly so if they did it well and brought back TBag (did he die?) I might watch it . Fancied Michael like mad till I realised he was gay (the actor). Maybe he now has his 6pack back. Also Lori needs the work.

limitedperiodonly Thu 11-Aug-16 07:06:33

I don't remember what happened to T-Bag. I know his hand was chopped off and he murdered the vet who reattached it - though he got his comeuppance, because it rotted off again.

As I said, I liked T-Bag, which is odd, what with him being a sadistic paedophile, rapist and murderer.

rewardformissingmojo Thu 11-Aug-16 07:09:29

Aaargh I shouldn't have clicked on this thread! Have just started second series... Didn't expect to love it so much but enjoyed first seris more.

limitedperiodonly Thu 11-Aug-16 07:15:56

Sorry, I'll ask for spoiler to be put in the title. A small consolation might be that by bringing it back, they've done a Bobby-stepping-from-the-shower, and everything that happened before was all a dream.

Eminybob Thu 11-Aug-16 07:39:18

Didn't they already bring Michael back from the dead once? Or did I misremember that?

ihatethecold Thu 11-Aug-16 09:37:46

No, he dies once at the prison getting Sarah out, I believe. They showed them at the grave with his little boy.
unless i've missed something

JAPABiamtheonewhoknocks Thu 11-Aug-16 13:52:19

The first season was brilliant, and I also liked tne third. Second and fourth not so much.

It started getting silly in places from the second series. Like Brad pleading guilty to a murder he didn't commit just because a lawyer told him that they wanted him and pleading innocent would just delay the inevitable? Then he gets out because an FBI agent just sort of signs him out so he could help him search for the escapees? I may be misremembering but it did seem far-fetched.

limitedperiodonly Thu 11-Aug-16 14:16:25

I'm aware of the wonders of CGI but I also liked the way that Fox's getting bored with spending money drawing on Michael's tattoos coincided with Wentworth Miller becoming too IMPORTANT to spend hours in make up and also getting fat.

So it was announced that Michael had had entire body lasering tattoo erasure which was very successful, but not successful enough for him to stop wearing roomy sweatshirts to show it off.

That was where Sucre came in grin

ihatethecold Thu 11-Aug-16 15:08:59

yeah, the tattoo removal bit was so far fetched.
I did love looking at him though. so good looking.

Freshprincess Thu 11-Aug-16 15:16:26

I started to lose interest when Lincoln learnt how to button up his shirts. And Sucre left.
I haven't seen the film.

Tbag got recaptured, I think.

TheGruffaloMother Thu 11-Aug-16 15:18:31

I liked S1 and 3 but 2 and 4 were just filler. Is he supposed to be rising from the dead somehow in the new series? I think even with very far fetched series, there are only so many times you can add a far fetched twist before you should just let the series die.

ihatethecold Thu 11-Aug-16 16:31:36

what film?
i didn't know about this.

Eminybob Thu 11-Aug-16 19:39:07

Wentworth Miller is lovely to look at isn't he?
I had a huge crush on him and Sucre when I first watched it.
I don't get the attraction with Linc though, at all.

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