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Stranger Things on Netflix

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TheGirlOnTheLanding Sat 06-Aug-16 07:49:25

Just started watching this last night after reading the rave reviews and hearing a few personal recommendations from friends. From the blurb, expected a light X-files type programme and was prepared to think it over-hyped but both DH and I loved it and I'm already fretting that I can't watch another episode till tomorrow because I'm going out later! The girl who plays Eleven is wonderful, the soundtrack's great and all the geeky Spielberg references are there without distracting from the story. Anyone else hooked?

BendydickCuminsnatch Sat 06-Aug-16 07:52:39

Yes we finished it last weekend, loved it! I wanted it to continue! But in a way I hope they don't make any more because I can't keep up with shows that go on forever! But at the same time I have so many unanswered questions.

BellMcEnd Sat 06-Aug-16 07:52:49

Yes! It's brilliant! DH and I watched the last one last night(don't worry, no spoilers) and now there's an empty void in our lives.

It's been commissioned for a second series smile

redhat Sat 06-Aug-16 07:56:03

its fab isn't it. We're at episode 7. Love the 80s setting. The boys are exactly the same age as DH and the music is great

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sat 06-Aug-16 08:02:27

Glad to hear a second season has been commissioned but not yet made (we were late to the party for Breaking Bad and The Wire and Mad Men and had a lot of watching to do to catch up with everyone else!) A bit like Mad Men, im really impressed by how good the sense of time and place is - very small details are just right, nothing jars. I'm pretty sure we'll be binge watching all week just as we did with those series as I'm desperate to know what happens next.

ZedWoman Mon 08-Aug-16 11:32:39

Started watching this last week and I'm hooked. One more episode left.

It's a bit of a tribute to Stephen King - particularly Firestarter.

I tried watching Halt and Catch Fire but I lost interest after 4 episodes. Apparently there's a new series of The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) coming out in December, but I'm not sure where they can go with that one.

Lilmisskittykat Mon 08-Aug-16 11:40:38

It's brilliant we binge watched it this weekend! Just couldn't take a break between episodes...
Now hoping they make a season 2.. Too many un answered questions!

NoahVale Mon 08-Aug-16 11:43:11

i only watched one episode and wondered if it was a bit, childish?

Flumplet Mon 08-Aug-16 12:00:57

DH and i just finished watching it last night, we absolutely loved it, but were a bit disappointed with the ending - not going to spoil it but its just a bit of a weird one. The actress who plays Eleven is wonderful, she has a great future ahead of her. Its a great series and reminds me of the Goonies and yes lots of great Steven King references. Fingers firmly X'd for a series 2!!

LumpySpacedPrincess Mon 08-Aug-16 18:30:21

We loved this, it was amazing! The kids were all such fantastic actors. It was like The Goonies and Stand by Me with a large pinch of Stephen King,

ZedWoman Mon 08-Aug-16 20:38:50

whispers quietly..... Stand by Me was Stephen King...

Mrscaindingle Mon 08-Aug-16 22:40:02

I loved this and have been recommending it to everyone, love the kid with no front teeth and Barb too, shame she's not in it more. I binge watched despite trying to pace myself but caved and watched it over 2 days. It has all the best bits of 80's films all wrapped up into one.

Can't wait for season 2.

gingerboy1912 Mon 08-Aug-16 22:53:07

There's another thread somewhere about it. We all loved it grin

bevelino Mon 08-Aug-16 23:03:29

I have just binged watched the show and loved it. Roll on series 2.

fanniboz Tue 09-Aug-16 08:20:13

Gah, I started this over the weekend and I just can't get into it! The acting, script and general look of it is brilliant but it just won't reel me in and I don't know why! I'll need to give it another go but it's doing nothing for me shock

gingerboy1912 Tue 09-Aug-16 08:50:11

Fann. Its disappointing isn't it when you want to love a series and it just doesn't do it for you.

ZedWoman Tue 09-Aug-16 10:50:57

Yep, I get that. I could never get into Breaking Bad. I should have done - I'm a chemistry teacher after all. I just couldn't get into it. Same with Mr Robot (which DH loves).

fanniboz Tue 09-Aug-16 17:52:20

Mr Robot is another one I couldn't get into, it's annoying. Feel excited to have a new show to watch then nothing becomes of it! <dramatic sigh>

gingerboy1912 Thu 11-Aug-16 12:50:51

I tried bloodline twice and gave up but others love it. Ive moved on to Sense 8 now and it seems good.

DontOpenDeadInside Thu 11-Aug-16 21:36:21

Is it just me who thought the girl was just the boy that vanished with a shaved head? Only watched the 1st episode so still on the fence about this.

Sooverthis Thu 11-Aug-16 21:39:01

Make dh thought Eleven was the vanished boy plus shaved head couldn't see it

Mumble29 Thu 11-Aug-16 21:39:59

Just binge watched the whole series, being an 80s kid I loved the whole nostalgia of it and all the film refrences. Although I think a second series will ruin it, unless it's a completely different story

fanniboz Fri 12-Aug-16 21:49:03

I started to think it was going to end up being El was Will somehow but I couldn't work out how so gave up on that idea pretty quick grin I'll probably watch the last couple episodes just to find out what happens just cos I'm nosey

OwlinaTree Mon 15-Aug-16 11:22:23

Hi, my dh and I are thinking of watching this, can you give me some advice? I really don't like supernatural horror stories, I wouldn't watch the ring for example. I didn't really like the walking dead. I did like super 8, alright about scream, that sort thing. Will I like this series do you think or will I be freaked out? From all I've read it sounds really good but I'm a bit nesh with this stuff.

TheSecondOfHerName Mon 15-Aug-16 15:14:44

It was a bit darker and scarier than Super 8.

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