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Favourite Foreign show

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HyunaRiddle Fri 05-Aug-16 15:42:12

I'm really into foreign (non English speaking) tv shows and I wanted to introduce people to a few that I love & be introduced as well.

So my top 2 are.

Chinese: Nirvana In Fire - it's honestly like Game of Thrones, royalty, death, strategies etc it's brilliant

Korean: Signal - time travel, police officers, murder, mystery it's brilliant, so cleverly written, one of the best shows I've watched in years.

panegyricS1 Sun 07-Aug-16 15:08:42

German: Deutschland 83, about a reluctant East German spy in West Germany.

Spanish: Grand Hotel. Downton Abbry with murder mystery thrown in.

Nepotism Sun 07-Aug-16 15:14:53

Belgian (Flemish) Salamander.

Sunnymeg Sun 07-Aug-16 15:28:30

The Bridge
Inspector Montelabano/Young Montelabano

Masterchef Australia smile not quite what you meant, but it's very good.

Princecharlesfirstwife Sun 07-Aug-16 15:34:49

The first series of Les Revenants.

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