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Anybody watch bbc3 Unsolved?

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jodiebee664 Sat 30-Jul-16 23:36:30

....and left disappointed there was no conclusion?!

elephantoverthehill Sat 30-Jul-16 23:46:19

If you are talking about the Damien Nettles one, it is a mystery. His Mum campaigned tirelessly for years. I don't think the BBC were going to swoop in and solve that one.

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Sat 30-Jul-16 23:49:44

I admit I'm a cynical oul bag but did the BBC really think they were going to find something new in a 20 year old case just by throwing two swishy haired female journalists at it?

I don't think it's that much of a mystery tbh. Damian was involved in drugs. He got on the wrong side of people harder than him. He was killed and his body chucked in the sea.

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Sat 30-Jul-16 23:56:10

Or he just fell in the water.

In the chip shop video he is absolutely off his face, so much so that he cannot talk properly. Not a big stretch that in that state, he took a wrong step.

SwedishEdith Sun 31-Jul-16 00:02:23

Who were those women? Every discussion about the case was clearly scripted - people do not speak to each other like that in the office - unless they know a camera is on them. So disappointing. And basically seemed to blacken the name of Nicky McNamara because he's dead so couldn't defend himself.

SwedishEdith Sun 31-Jul-16 00:05:03

Or he just fell in the water.

Agree - that's what we said watching it. But the obvious isn't as interesting.

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Sun 31-Jul-16 00:05:50

Two Irish journalists Edith. Alys Harte and Bronagh Munro.

Although I'm Irish and had never heard of either of them.

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Sun 31-Jul-16 00:08:22

There was some nonsense about how they categorically ruled out Damian falling in the water because the local current patterns etc would have "guaranteed" he was found.

I'm pretty sure that's not how the sea works hmm.

FellOutOfBed2wice Sun 31-Jul-16 00:20:16

I enjoyed it but did find the two journalists a bit irritating because- as a PP points out- it was heavily scripted. I felt like they were going for the organicness of something like series 1 of Serial but it didn't quite work out. Fascinating case but I suspect he was probably killed by drugs one way or another, be that from being mixed up in them or falling foul of being off his face on them.

JudyCoolibar Sun 31-Jul-16 00:26:14

I think it sort of is exactly how the sea works. It does seem to be the case that when people fall into the sea within a reasonable distance from the coastline, or are washed out to sea, it is just a matter of time before the body comes ashore and people with local knowledge of currents can calculate more or less where that will be.

Groovee Sun 31-Jul-16 00:28:22

I watched this yesterday! Feel so sad for his mum that she doesn't have closure.

elephantoverthehill Sun 31-Jul-16 00:40:35

If you live in Cowes it is quite difficult to just step into the water. He had lived there for 16 years. Unless he really wanted to.

Coconutty Sun 31-Jul-16 00:52:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

giantcar Sun 31-Jul-16 01:35:42

I watched that.

His friend Chris did act strangely, and in the end admitted he lied at the beginning about the drugs.

I don't think the investigators actually found anything knew at all. What they should have investigated was who was the mole at the police station, and that would have given them the name of the killer.

The lady they interviewed also come across very badly (the very close associate of McNamara). I wouldn't be surprised if she had something to do with it.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PastaLaFeasta Sun 31-Jul-16 02:46:48

I watched the other day. It was very odd that Chris lied about drugs, it just made it confusing and as if the boy was leading a double life his friend didn't know about.

It was also weird the woman who found the guy in London (on the bike) didn't ask about the police statements until he was gone. It was a damning question if true.

All very strange and another rubbish police investigation. This was far too lightweight to uncover anything substantial. Such a shame for his poor mum.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jodiebee664 Sun 31-Jul-16 12:47:44

I just thought the whole point was that they came to some kind of conclusion but they didn't seem to find anything new. I appreciate the BBC aren't going to do more than the police but presumed they were working in conjunction with them to re-open the case so it was solved.

Every new person they spoke to was 'the key to find out what happened to Damien' but nothing.

Very sad for his mother.

Yes, me and OH both agreed the friend Chris was shifty.

EsmesBees Sun 31-Jul-16 12:57:48

Very disappointing series. My favourite but was when the journalists were in the woods at night with tiny torches talking about how hard it would be to find anything. Go back in the morning FFS.

EsmesBees Sun 31-Jul-16 12:58:21

Favourite bit, even

elephantoverthehill Sun 31-Jul-16 13:05:04

I watched the episodes with DS2. We thought it was quite funny how they set up one of those investigation boards. It all looked very pseudo professional. There base of operations appeared to be in Seaview, not in Cowes, as you might have expected. hmm

Izzabellasasperella Sun 31-Jul-16 13:21:10

I watched this a few days ago and although it had its flaws one thing it has done is to raise awareness about Damien and what happened to him. There will be a petition to enquire into the police handling of the case which I think will be a good thing.
The Island is rife with rumours about his death. Who knows perhaps someone will come forward. His poor Mum and family.

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