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three day nanny ch 4 8pm/9pm +1

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Blondeshavemorefun Wed 27-Jul-16 16:45:27

kathryn is back,rem seeing an article where she said she didnt reliese parenting was so hard as she is now a mummy, wonder if her appreoach is any different this series now she is a mum

It’s easy to forget the levels of violence that toddlers can rise to. About 20 seconds into this programme, three-year-old Bobbie executes a flying head-butt, bouncing off the sofa to nut his two-year-old brother Freddie. That is obviously very wrong, but also kind of impressive.

They’re quite a pair and their parents – for understandable reasons, we gather – have lost control. “Don’t hit me!” cries mum Becky repeatedly, but one of the boys wallops her in the bust anyway.

So in comes tweedy troubleshooter Kathryn Mewes with advice and straight talking, including the simple tip that when you give children a bit of space to play unsupervised, they often behave better.

Kathryn Mewes helps the Scott family in Northamptonshire, where she witnesses extreme behaviour by three-year-old Bobbie and two-year-old Freddie in the form of pinching, punching, kicking and biting. Parents Chris and Becky seem unable to manage their boys' behaviour, so the nanny teaches them a new approach

TheSunnySide Wed 27-Jul-16 20:07:45

Omg. The child is two and he is being held in a naughty corner.

TheSunnySide Wed 27-Jul-16 20:08:15

Those kids have a shit life.

nooofthenoodle Wed 27-Jul-16 20:10:14

The mum can't cope with upsetting them but it's plainly obvious neither of those kids are happy.

Luckystar1 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:10:31

I wouldn't have the energy for that amount of discipline! They mustn't be able to leave the house!

Savagebeauty Wed 27-Jul-16 20:12:30

What ineffectual weak parents.
"Don't want to upset them"

unlimiteddilutingjuice Wed 27-Jul-16 20:14:09

Yes! I love 3 Day Nanny!
Definately watchign this on catch up.
I like to watch this kind of thing with my toddler, he is always trilled and scadalised by the bad behaviour- those kids are like James Dean figures to him. grin

horseygeorgie1 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:18:10

Ah the classic '1,2,3'. Saved my bacon many a time! Now we only get too 1 before DD says 'Don't count Mummy!' and behaves!

Buggers Wed 27-Jul-16 20:24:44

Does anyone know how old the boys are?

horseygeorgie1 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:26:07

2 and 3 I think Buggers

Savagebeauty Wed 27-Jul-16 20:26:41

2 & 3.

Buggers Wed 27-Jul-16 20:28:26

Thanks I missed that bitsmile.

Luckystar1 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:32:40

So she has doubled her work load by leaving the wee lad in the room, and he's emptied the fecking drawers, and unmade the bed!

Buggers Wed 27-Jul-16 20:34:51

lucky I know!! But he didn't get told off for doing it or even acknowledge that he trashed his room?!confused

PassTheCremeEggs Wed 27-Jul-16 20:35:04

Jeez how much time do these kids spend in the naughty corner?!

I think the mum has a number of other difficulties (PND clearly not resolved in her anxieties about things happening to the kids) but the dad is just so bad at disciplining them!

alwaystimeforgin Wed 27-Jul-16 20:44:12

I thought it was weird that they didn't mention the little boy trashing the room. I always thought you shouldn't send a child to their bedroom anyway! It's a place they go to relax and sleep not shut in because they have been naughty!

MiaowTheCat Wed 27-Jul-16 20:46:04

Doing my usual switching on halfway and then watching the first half on +1 afterwards thing. It's a bloody tough combination of ages 2 and 3 (I've got 11 months between mine and we've just got past that point - mine are 3 and 4) so interested to see how it pans out for them.

I had to send a message into preschool once explaining dd1 had a bite mark as she'd asked her sister to bite her so she did!

Mooey89 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:49:20

I hate sending DS to his room - it is his safe space for calm and sleep!

Do watch with Interest though because he is only 3 and has a horrendous temper

Luckystar1 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:50:28

Oh my god, there's so much crying in this house. I'd be going fucking berserk! I'd be the one needing discipling.

manateeandcake Wed 27-Jul-16 20:50:48

I just welled up when the little boy had to stand against the wall at play group. Why does discipline have to mean public shaming?

Dontyoulovecalpol Wed 27-Jul-16 20:52:58

I feel sorry for all of them really. The parents are at their wits end and really unhappy. The children are badly behaved but probably so much worse because they seem to be in the house all the time.

I'm not judging; I can see how people end up in situations like this

PassTheCremeEggs Wed 27-Jul-16 20:54:08

Standing facing a wall is horrible and totally unnecessary

Wordsaremything Wed 27-Jul-16 20:56:09

I love this programme. It reminds me how fab it is to be child free! grin

Mooey89 Wed 27-Jul-16 20:57:30

I can't believe she didn't make him say sorry to the little boy he bit!

MiaowTheCat Wed 27-Jul-16 20:58:02

Dd1 gets sent up to go have a wee and wash her face and calm down a bit (knowing full well she will detour to tell all her teddies the tale of woe) but it's only just started to work as a strategy now she's quite a mature 4. She had a terrifying temper up until a few months ago though and needed to really be taught cool off strategies.

I can understand this mum though. I really struggled getting out while the youngest hadn't yet developed any common sense last year. I coped by picking and choosing where we went in terms of play parks that I could manage keeping both in sight and where they were well fenced around and trying to work around it all. It's something that is hard to get the confidence to do though- my parents helicopter the shit out of them when they have the pair of them.

I taught mine to make a sibling sandwich to get them holding hands and heading in the same direction- they think it's hilarious!

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