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The Lost Room

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Bomper Thu 25-Jan-07 13:11:41

Anyone watch it last night? I thought it was good, I would love a go of that key!! And of course, it had the gorgeous Peter Krause in it!!

MrsBigD Thu 25-Jan-07 17:45:12

Missed the beginning of it but got glued to it when I came across it. Oh to have that key indeed! And yes he isn't bad

Bomper Thu 25-Jan-07 20:29:22

Phew, thanks MrsBig D, thought I was imagining seeing it for a bit!! Hmmmmmm, yeah, I could use that key whisk me and Peter off to a desert island and.... <<wanders off muttering dirty thoughts to herself...>>

MrsBigD Thu 25-Jan-07 21:31:46

behave woman, you can't wonder off with him, what about the rest of us???

lilibet Tue 30-Jan-07 08:46:09

We taped this and I saw it last night - never mind the key - I want the bus ticket!

Tortington Tue 30-Jan-07 08:47:08

i've seen it its brilliant. loved every minute

Bomper Thu 22-Feb-07 22:35:11

Were you lot as disappointed as me at how this ended?! I just hope 'Lost' doesn't do the same thing to me, don't think I could take all those wasted hours!!!!

lilibet Fri 23-Feb-07 08:56:32

I think they were setting it up for a series

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