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Did anyone watch this? BBC 2 Exodus: Our journey to Europe

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HeyMacWey Tue 12-Jul-16 12:16:56

I watched this last night and haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

It was such a powerful, moving and desperate documentary. I was holding my breath when the young man was on the boat squashed in with so many other people when it started to fill with water. Just so so sad.

What struck me as most horrific was the sheer amount of money being made by the people smugglers as a direct result of the non action from the United Nations/Europe.

The next part is on tonight and final episode on Wednesday.

228agreenend Tue 12-Jul-16 18:56:26

it was a thought provoking programme and made you appreciate what you have. The boat was so crowded. The camp on the Greek island was so squalid. They were ordinary people and families, fleeing from their war torn homeland. It wasn't easy for them.

Like you, I couldn't stop thinking about the programme,

MadgeMak Tue 12-Jul-16 18:58:47

I saw it too. So bloody heartbreaking. I feel so powerless, I don't know what we can do as individuals to help.

Notyetthere Tue 12-Jul-16 20:11:55

I am watching this now on catch up with DH. It is heartbreaking.

228agreenend Tue 12-Jul-16 21:06:04

i found myself wanting to somehow send some clothes for them all, and toys for the kids. Ie. Something practical. May look online to see if anyone is organising a Lorry to take stuff over.

HeyMacWey Tue 12-Jul-16 22:06:14

There are quite a few refugee action groups - I think most towns have them.

kafie Wed 20-Jul-16 01:07:23

I am very humbled by the exodus documentary , there should be a process where refugees can reach their chosen destination more easily, if they have traveled so far to get to our border in France we should recognize their plight and process their right to asylum in the U.K.
We are the lucky one`s we are not shot at or bombed indiscriminately on a daily basis in a civil war. We have free speech and a thriving economy, if we were to allow more of these souls to come here they would help protect our way of life as they aspire to it, rather that despise us for being cold hearted to their plight.
I`ve said enough, I hope we can help more and show the world that we can lead by setting a better example in this crisis!

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