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Boy Meets Girl, Wednesdays 10pm on BBC2

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SheHasAWildHeart Wed 06-Jul-16 11:29:05

Loved Series 1 of this and Series 2 is back on today.

From the Guardian:
A welcome return for the cockle-warming comedy, with Judy and Leo attempting to get on with being in love while their families can’t help sticking their oars in. As is customary in sitcoms set in the north, Leo gets offered a job in London, which is a cue for much pained decision-making. Meanwhile, Pam plays the stereotypical enthusiastic mother with gusto as she heads to a trans support group. Lovely stuff; Rebecca Root’s laidback delivery makes Judy shine.

SheHasAWildHeart Sat 09-Jul-16 23:06:23

Just me who watched this? sad

MrHankyTheXmasPoo Sun 10-Jul-16 04:02:38

I watched it, loved the first series too

ellenanora5 Mon 11-Jul-16 13:42:58

I love it, thought the first series was very good and glad I had it series linked as I didn't realise it was starting again until it came up on my planner, I'm not normally a fan of Denise Welch but she is very good in this, they all are.

lucjam2105 Mon 25-Jul-16 19:28:05

Just caught up didn't realise it was back on. I really like it, agrre re: Denise Welch, she is good in this.

jay55 Mon 25-Jul-16 20:57:20

Denise is great as an actress and awful as a celeb.
I like this all apart from the workshy brother.

user1469376681 Mon 25-Jul-16 21:17:54

Oh man i got so confused and read this as girl meets world the new version of boy meets world

theliverpoolone Mon 25-Jul-16 22:43:47

I really loved the first series, but so far I've not found this series anywhere near as good. I think the first one got a lot of mileage from the long running 'secret' about Judy being trans, while Leo's unsuspecting family were all shock about the age difference, as well as them getting to know Peggy, which led to some great comic moments. Now they all know each other, the storylines all seem more 'forced' imo. Agree that Denise Welch is, surprisingly, good in it.

LolBeansandSalad Mon 25-Jul-16 22:47:49

Denise Welch is great, but it's Leo's dad I love grin

LolBeansandSalad Mon 25-Jul-16 23:24:44

Just catching up now.

Do my eyes deceive me or is Dean the Rat Catcher 'Big Cook' from Big Cook, Little Cook?! shock

lucjam2105 Tue 26-Jul-16 15:09:55

Omg I knew I knew him from somewhere! Hilarious! grin

SheHasAWildHeart Wed 27-Jul-16 09:31:49

Oh yes! It is Big Cook, wow,
The show has become a lot more about the families and not much time spent on Leo and Judy. I thought that Leo's new flirty boss storyline would lead somewhere, but then nothing.

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 01-Aug-16 22:55:02

Leo and Judy have become so one dimensional now that it's annoying.

southeastdweller Tue 02-Aug-16 22:09:22

I've just caught up on the four episodes so far in this series.

I've enjoyed it but would prefer more emphasis on Leo and Judy, who feel like supporting characters this time round, like everyone else. Another reason why the first series was better was because of the conflict between Pam and the couple which gave it an added dimension - this series feels too cosy.

LolBeansandSalad Wed 03-Aug-16 22:43:46

Bugger me, tonight's episode was lame

southeastdweller Thu 04-Aug-16 08:43:30

Yes, it was the weakest episode so far. Very predictable and unfunny.

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