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24 - Jack's back!!

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lilibet Mon 22-Jan-07 08:38:46

Is there only me watching?

MrsMills Mon 22-Jan-07 08:40:31

Well, was it any good?

We don't get it here until Feb, so can you give me a little taster? Please?

evamum Mon 22-Jan-07 08:50:36

I was watching, very gruesome!
I have to say the ending of the second hour was a bit pants, no 'Oh my god I must know what happens next' doncha think?

Mrsmills - do you reeeeaaaally want to know? reeeeaaaally?
Where do you live? I know we will end up only 1 week behind US and I wouldnt want anyone to tell me...!

And PLEASE if ANYONE can tell me who the chief of staff (Tom) is it's driving me and DH mad
(FBI agent is Paris from star trek voyager, Assad is Dr Bashir from Deep space nine, haven't spotted anyone else yet!)

Plibble Mon 22-Jan-07 08:58:14

He's John Cage from Ally McBeal.

Were there 2 episodes? Bugger - looks like I went to bed an hour early!

MrsMills Mon 22-Jan-07 08:58:22

I'm in Sweden, we get Sky 3 but not Sky 1, but they will show it on local tv next month.

I saw the trailer and that was pretty gruesome! But you will be watching it next week I gather, it wasn't that naff an ending was it?

evamum Mon 22-Jan-07 09:02:57

Thank you plibble, that has been winding me up!

Its on from 9-11 for the next 2 weeks as well!

It wasnt that bad an ending, but the stories had reached a natural break, so that you weren't gagging for the next episode...

Still bloody good though, must admit, I was a bit tearful once or twice, Jack is not a happy bunny (well, who can blame him!)

jura Mon 22-Jan-07 11:28:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bomper Mon 22-Jan-07 11:44:10

Right Ok, you're all going to think I am mad, but in the first episode was Chloe was following that other girl about (can't remember her name) asking about Jack, the other girl gave someone at the computer a file, and I am SURE it was Steven Merchant!!! Wish I had taped it so I could get another look!!!!

Ready Mon 22-Jan-07 11:55:34

It most definitely was Steven Merchant... your eyes did not deceive you Bomper!!! Looking forward to the prospect of him saving the day! ha ha.

I loved the 2 episodes yesterday, although I am now wishing my life away and can't wait for Sunday to get here!! ARGH!

Celebrity (almost) spotting, the young boy who is now being held at gunpoint by Ahmed... was Elliot (Jack's son) in Will & Grace.... OK OK, so it's not as cool as John Cage...

wurlywurly Mon 22-Jan-07 11:55:41

omg couldnt watch when they was torturing jack. bet my blood pressure was thru the roof, cant wait til next week

sockmonkey Mon 22-Jan-07 12:03:58

We spotted Steve Mercahnt too.
Chief of staff is already called "*rse biscuit" on our house now. (but do you remember him being in ghostbusters 2??

Loved it!

sockmonkey Mon 22-Jan-07 12:05:23

ready - where there 2 episodes on last night on sky? I hope we didn't miss one!

wurlywurly Mon 22-Jan-07 12:11:20

yeah 2 episodes last night and 2 next sunday aswell

Bomper Mon 22-Jan-07 12:21:10

Phew, thank god, I thought I was going mad!!! Maybe SM will become Jack's bumbling sidekick!!

expatinscotland Mon 22-Jan-07 12:22:43

Jack is SO hot. So hot, hot hot.

Bomper Mon 22-Jan-07 12:25:07

Mmmmmm, he can interrogate me ANY TIME!!!!!!

lilibet Mon 22-Jan-07 12:26:40

I'm oh so glad that I'm not the only one! The bit where he bit that means neck!! Bleurch!!!

Do wish that they hadn't picked on Arabs/Muslims again as the bad guys tho'

Why not a nutty White Supremacist?

bigwuss Mon 22-Jan-07 12:33:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilibet Mon 22-Jan-07 13:39:50

So who do we reckon are the baddies pretending to be goodies?

My early money is on Maurice, because he's English and they like making the English baddies almost as much as the Arabs!

MamaG Mon 22-Jan-07 13:40:44

I htink you are supposed to think Maurice is a baddy, but he'll be a goody.

evamum Mon 22-Jan-07 13:52:16

I reckon it will be the pres's sisters bloke, she's bound to have picked a wrong 'un, her family are hardly great at choosing partners.....!

Plus I don't like that Nadia girl, the one bossing Chloe least Kim isnt in this one (thank god!)

Ready Mon 22-Jan-07 14:33:31

Yep, 2 episodes I'm afraid Sockmonkey... but don't worry, I am sure they will be repeated at some point in the week... that's what they did last season IIRC??

I miss Mike Novic (sp?) already!!

OOOh baddy spotting!! Yay! My DH eye-rolls every time I utter "he/she's got to be dodgy!" whenever anyone remotely suspicious looking is on screen. I distinctly remember being CERTAIN that Tony Almeda and Gael were dodgy!!! Although I KNEW something was not right with Nina!!

Am I cracking up (very possible!) but wasn't Maurice in at the tailend of last season?

Confession... I have (for some time) the 24 ring tone on my mobile... and everyone I know laughs at me

evamum Mon 22-Jan-07 15:20:06

Have had 24 ringtone for ages, it amuses me when it goes off on the bus and a complete stranger starts on about Jack!

Maurice was in at very tail end of last season to help out after edgar and the rest keeled over rather over dramatically. Dont think he is going to be a baddie,

BUT DH always fancies the baddies, and he thinks Nadia is hot, so she must be evil!

Am glad they got him out of the shirt pretty quickly, I love the way he buttoned it up to the neck!
That Tom King (ghostbusters guy) is also definately going to be a goodie cos I hate him already!

evamum Mon 22-Jan-07 15:23:28

Oh and Sockmonkey? it is repeated saturday night from 11pm so you need to watch the one from midnight!

Ready Mon 22-Jan-07 16:11:39

skyplus it and watch it at 8pm next week, so you can watch 3 on the bounce... simple pleasures in life <sigh>

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