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Fave TV shows?

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WanHeda Sun 19-Jun-16 14:33:50

What are your favourite TV shows? your top 5?

Mine would be ...

Orphan Black
Breaking Bad
Jane the Virgin

WanHeda Sun 19-Jun-16 14:34:58

Though The Walking Dead and Outlander are pretty good too!

Cheeseinthetrap Sun 19-Jun-16 20:18:12

Tough choice as I find it really hard to connect with a tv show.

The Good Wife
Gossip Girl S1-3 everything past that never happened!
Nirvana in Fire - Epic Chinese historical drama. Has been described as the Asian GOT, although I hate GOT.

I can't stand violence/depressive shit & I hate all things Superhero which means there's almost nothing I can watch on TV.

zoobornstv Wed 13-Jul-16 12:47:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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