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late to the party - Walking Dead

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CarlGrimesMissingEye Fri 10-Jun-16 17:05:07

I've just caught up on all 6 seasons I've the last month and watched the last episode of Season 6 earlier. OMG!!!!

Is there a thread from when it was on (I'm in my phone app and can't search) so I can see what everyone thinks. Or feel free to rehash with a newbie here.

I'm already desperate for October.

PeaceNotPieces Fri 10-Jun-16 17:09:03

I wasn't a fan of the last season. Too redo table and somethings just weren't explained.

S3 the best by far.

And I'd marry Daryll

MichonnesSamuraiSword Fri 10-Jun-16 21:50:26

Welcome to the addiction!

I've changed back to my Walking Dead name just to welcome you wink

The latest thread was here Season 6 but there has been a thread per season, so you'll just need to search for the previous ones if you can - do you have access to a PC to do a search?

Anyway, the season 6 thread should keep you going for a bit.

Needless to say, we all fancy Darryl, some of us fancy Rick (me included), and we bloody LOVE Carol.

I can't wait till October either!

Willow2016 Fri 10-Jun-16 23:39:13

Big fan here too.

Am watching Outcast which is also by Robert Kirkman to pass the time till october (well some of it) and re watching TWD from start when I am in the zone.

Dont know if I will actually like the next series as its all gonna go to hell in a handcart but am sure I/they will suck it up and spit those saviours out again. smile

Oh and step away from the hottie ladies Daryl is all mine, mine I tell you, and got first reserve dibs on Rick too smile

CarlGrimesMissingEye Sat 11-Jun-16 07:04:29

I like Daryl but don't really fancy him. I sort of want to do on a crazy bender with him and destroy a load of walkerswink. You can all fight over him and I'll be his best mate.

I enjoyed the whole thing. I'm glad that they have a new thing going horribly wrong. A safe life is dull for us to watch.

I'm of to the series 6 thread to see if you agree with my theories about the season finale!

glassgarden Sat 11-Jun-16 11:53:40

Where is everyone watching season six?

I don't think it's on Netflix?

CarlGrimesMissingEye Sat 11-Jun-16 16:40:20

I think you can get it in nowtv but that's not where I watched it.

glassgarden Sat 11-Jun-16 16:53:55

oh thanks CarlGrimes, when I get to the end of season 5 I'll check it out, I recon the months free trial will give me long enough to watch it if it's still available then grin

CarlGrimesMissingEye Sat 11-Jun-16 18:58:37

Shit. I should have changed my name for this thread. Bugger. Sorry.

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