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Big Brother who will win, HM rating thread

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twittwooery Tue 07-Jun-16 22:59:15

Thought it would be good to rate the HMs out of 10 and who you want to win tonight tomorrow, in about a week, halfway and Just before the end. You just have to copy and paste below and add numbers smile here's a bit more info 

Or the big brother housemate page:

The Housemates 

Marco - Marco Pierre Whites son 
Emma and Victoria - identical Twins
Andy - BBC reporter
Laura - model, forgot about her boob and teeth surgery
Alex - model, friends with Vicky pattinson
Lateysha - the valleys 
Ryan - X factor 
Evelyn - Australian bar hostess, has chronic bitchface 
Sam - best hair 
Georgina - taking New York brat 

The Others


Who do you want to win:

Who do you think will win

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