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Peaky Blinders - any good?

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NickiFury Sat 04-Jun-16 18:56:28

Never seen it but been lent the box set. I don't know why but I don't feel particularly enthusiastic about it. Is it worth giving a go?

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Sat 04-Jun-16 18:58:01

First series was very good, but for some reason I haven't watched the second or third.

APotterWithAHappyAtmosphere Sat 04-Jun-16 19:06:59

We went straight into watching the third series. Must say I have no idea what's going on but its the most stylish thing I've ever watched. And Helen McCrory is amazing.

I think we probably should have started from the beginning though. I'd give it a go.

kimlo Sat 04-Jun-16 19:09:07

I didn't like it and I gave it up half way through the first one. I really wanted to like it, but I found it hard to follow.

elvesareneverhappy Sat 04-Jun-16 19:09:34

My DH and I absolutely love it. But he was saying today that it is marmite. Cillian Murphy is excellent and I love Helen McCroy's character. I would definitely recommend it.

Griphook Sat 04-Jun-16 23:43:24

1st and 2nd are great. 3rd not so good. But the feel and look of it is very good to watch and Tommy and poly are great actors

Fairylea Sat 04-Jun-16 23:47:26

1st season is amazing. Third it's losing it a bit I think but I still love it.

GetHappy Sat 04-Jun-16 23:57:53

First is brill, Secind even better. third is the weakest imo

Var123 Sun 05-Jun-16 09:08:21

It's right up there with Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and House of Cards as classic TV.

Watch it from the first episode of series 1 because it's fast moving and doesn't go back to explain.

MadameDePomPom Mon 06-Jun-16 00:35:37

Series 1 is watchable enough. But I lost all interest at the start of the second series. It looks good but it's just a bit boring.

Rangirl Mon 06-Jun-16 23:20:58

Best thing on the box for me And as for Cillian I so would 😄

scarlets Tue 07-Jun-16 15:32:10

Superb quality - but you need to concentrate. I have to be in the right mood for it.

CeciliaMiddleton Wed 08-Jun-16 12:39:24

You have to be ready to expend some energy making sure you follow the story - but by god it's good. Especially the first series. I wish I could go back and watch it again without knowing what happens.

squoosh Wed 08-Jun-16 12:44:47

I liked the first series but do think the whole thing is a lot of style over substance. It does look great, that's definitely its biggest strength.

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