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The Little Couple

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WallisSimpson11 Mon 30-May-16 21:02:57

Does anyone watch Bill and Jen and their adorable children?
What an an amazing family smile

TammySwanson Tue 31-May-16 14:26:14

This programme is my guilty pleasure (and tbh the only thing worth watching on TLC)! It's so nice to see a nice, normal family getting on with life with no major dramas (apart from their recent medical troubles which were hardly played up for the cameras). I love it. And yes, I'm usually immune to cute kids but their's (particularly Zoe) are super cute.

WallisSimpson11 Tue 31-May-16 15:45:53

Oh yes Zoe. Remembering the early days when she was received by the couple in India! And Jen through her health problems still had time for her adorable child. And as for William, the amount of energy that boy has.-just amazing! Really love them smile

WallisSimpson11 Tue 31-May-16 15:46:54

Tammy did you watch last night?

ALemonyPea Tue 31-May-16 15:49:24

I love it, but don't have TLC anymore sad

TammySwanson Tue 31-May-16 20:04:19

Wallis> Yes - Bill and Zoe in the cafe at the end was so cute. Don't know what that doctor was thinking of dressing as a vampire! I bet some of the older kids were traumatized.

iklboo Tue 31-May-16 20:07:14

I love this family.

Princecharlesfirstwife Tue 31-May-16 20:21:48

They're just so nice. I'm very fond of Bill especially. And I've loved seeing how Will and Zoe have come on so well over the last couple of years. It was heartbreaking seeing how terrified Zoe was when she was first adopted.

WallisSimpson11 Wed 01-Jun-16 14:51:48

We all seem to have the same sentiments about this family.
Zoe wanting to lick her dad's hand was sooooo funny.
The trick or treat with Will making sure his sister 'hurries up' and then 'i'm going home to count my candy and eat it' grin

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