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Lassies of Lallybroch - NO SPOILERS

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hudyerwheesht Tue 24-May-16 13:55:30

Ok, like our sister thread for those who have read the books, this is for discussion of Outlander Series 2 but for those who have not read the books and/or don't want any spoilers.

hudyerwheesht Tue 24-May-16 13:57:21

Hopefully someone will be along soon.....<lonely>

MistressFraser Tue 24-May-16 14:02:54

I have to go out soon but wanted to say hello. <waves>

TheHiphopopotamus Tue 24-May-16 14:04:44

Marking place in case there are any pics of knees posted

Hello hud 👋

pixieg1rl Tue 24-May-16 14:10:27


I'll see if I can drum up some interest for you hud.

In the meantime I'll liberally sprinkle the thread with Scottish man flesh

TheHiphopopotamus Tue 24-May-16 14:12:47

That middle pic! <faints>

I think that was one of my favourite scenes in S1. Nothing to do with a naked Jamie obviously <whistles innocently>

MistressFraser Tue 24-May-16 14:15:59

<fans self>

Thanks, pixie. grin

pixieg1rl Tue 24-May-16 14:16:56

But isn't Jamie's hair so much better in the first picture?

hudyerwheesht Tue 24-May-16 14:18:12

<waves over-excitedly> Helloooo!

Loving the sprinkling of the Hot Jock. grin

hudyerwheesht Tue 24-May-16 14:20:15

Hair discussion - tick.
Gratuitous pics of Jamie - tick.
Good to see the same level of intellectual discussion as the original thread.

pixieg1rl Tue 24-May-16 14:23:56

We have standards hud

MistressFraser Tue 24-May-16 14:46:00

Really don't like the hair in the third pic but the first one is rather nice.

lexloofah Tue 24-May-16 14:56:00

Ooh me yes please, have just caught up with season 2, although I am in my head more lady broch turoch Than a mere lassie!

I must say Jamie aside I do also admire the scenery and costumes

DH wandered in while the latest episode was on last night and said 'you are right, this is not for me' and promptly left the room

So can we discuss episodes that have been aired?

hudyerwheesht Tue 24-May-16 15:05:00

Agreed pixie - I'd better not let them slip and get some knee porn on here pronto.

MistressFraser Tue 24-May-16 15:08:48

DS asked me what Outlander was like - I haven't confessed my obsession to DH yet - and I explained that I could understand why it had a largely female fan base. Oddly, his interest wasn't piqued.

MistressFraser Tue 24-May-16 15:09:31

Yes to discussing aired episodes and yes to knees!

snozzlemaid Tue 24-May-16 16:08:20

I'll join you all on this thread too. Will look forward to discussing tv series. Knees...

pixieg1rl Tue 24-May-16 16:12:26

Look at her, try to resist the power of the knees.....

TheHiphopopotamus Tue 24-May-16 16:19:47

Pah, DH knows I love Outlander, he couldn't not know, what with my Outlander Calendar, mug, t-shirt and dolls wink

He watches it too, although I watch it on my own first grin

Verbena37 Tue 24-May-16 16:26:32

Yay, a non- spoilers thread.
I only started watching a couple of weeks ago and watched all of season1 in a couple of days, followed by whizzing through all 5 of season 2 and then since last week, have had to go back to waiting each week sad.

I was so pleased when I discovered Amazon Video.
I laughed when my Outlander addict friend said I have to watch it and I'd be addicted too.

Well OMG, I'm totally addicted.....I think more addicted than when I fell for Richard Armitage after watching North and South!
I'm loving Outlander and I'm already grieving because one day I know it will finish but in the mean time, I'll keep watching and pinning endless pictures of Sam Heughan, Rannoch Moor and Caitriona's costumes.

So far, I have one big can Caitriona be pronounced Katrina? I just don't get how the O is totally not pronounced.

Verbena37 Tue 24-May-16 16:28:02

Ooh and from an earlier post, I too did wonder from Sunday's episode whether Monsieur Raymond was also a time traveller or if he knows Claire is?

MistressFraser Tue 24-May-16 16:40:50

I've said this before, but Outlander is televisual romantic crack cocaine. You think you can handle it, just keep it to the weekends, social use only - but before you know it you are in deep and you need a 12 step solution...

Verbena37 Tue 24-May-16 16:47:37

grin I've been watching last week's again....and actually noticed much more than I noticed the first time of watching.

hudyerwheesht Tue 24-May-16 16:49:50

Yay the knees have arrived! Perfect caption, pixie. grin

As for my obsession, I think DH got the picture when I made him drive me up to Doune Castle on our last trip home to see my family under the pretence of going for a wee drive. A mere <cough> couple of hours away...I also had the Outlander filming locations map printed off and kept it at the ready in my bag!
I bored him constantly with "oh look, that's where they filmed the scene blah blah...", etc, all round the castle.

I think I mentioned it before but might have been on he series 1 thread. They had Claire's knitted shawl thing for £140!

On the way back I saw a sign for Hopeton House (used as the home of the Duke of Sandringhams) and nearly took the turning as DH had fallen asleep but the DC were hungry and wanted to get home. Next time...

snozzlemaid Tue 24-May-16 16:50:29

Yes, I've definitely developed an Outlander addiction. Can't bloody stop watching it. I have no desire to go to rehab though.
Just like my RA obsession too Verbena

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